Dialing Multiple Numbers and Other Great Features

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Another two productive weeks have passed by, and we are ready to introduce one more set of new exciting features. Check it out!
  • Dialing multiple numbers - we are proud to introduce the possibility to auto-dial multiple phone numbers of one lead. The feature is available for outbound campaigns in Preview, Power & Predictive dialing mode. To test this great feature, just import/add leads with multiple phone numbers, create and start an outbound campaign. You don’t need any additional settings.

    Our intelligent dialer starts only one dialing attempt for every lead simultaneously, so you won't face a situation of dialing two number of the same lead at once. If an attempt is successful, the dialer skips the remaining phone numbers of this lead. Pay attention - we don’t limit the number of phones for every lead. Flexible redialing rules can be used together with an auto-dialing of multiple phone numbers and therefore increase the number of conversations dramatically.

Dialing details in Voiptime Cloud

  • Import changes (requirements, automatic mapping) - we made some import changes to decrease manual work and simplify your experience. Now the software recognizes the header row from your file and displays completion suggestions in the corresponding fields. So the header row becomes a required row for the correct database import, especially if you are importing leads with multiple phone numbers.

Import wizard

  • Changes in the logic of line selection in client card and softphone - we have completely changed the way of selecting the line for manual calling and made it more transparent.
    1. When you try to make the call for the first time, the software offers you to choose the line for outbound calls;
    2. If you have only one connected line, it will be used for outbound calls;
    3. If you need to make a set of calls from the other line (for example, if it is cheaper to that direction), click on the drop-down list near the green phone button on the client card or right on the softphone;
    Your choice is saved and can be changed any time. The tooltips show you if there is any problem with the connected line, so you can change it in 2 clicks and use another available line for calling.

The client card in Voiptime Cloud

  • Ability to set up an auto answer feature for outbound campaigns - it is a great way to optimise the agents work with auto dialing campaigns. Select an auto answer feature in the campaign setting and specify the length of delay. Depending on the preferred settings, the call will be answered automatically in 5 seconds or immediately. The agent will hear a ringing sound when connecting to the call.

Auto-answer option

  • New API request for lead update - we are constantly working on the API improvements. Now you can use the new request to update any field of the lead in Voiptime Cloud CRM. Such update doesn’t affect other fields, so the consistency of data will be preserved.
  • Improvements in the recognition of abandoned calls - inbound calls are shown in the call report as abandoned if the client ends the call before the agent answers it.
  • Small UI improvements
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Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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