New Strategies For Maximizing Web to Lead Efficiency

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Web to lead is a function for dumping data into your CRM directly from your website with the help of generated code.

There are many products on offer (e.g. Microsoft web to Lead Dynamics СRM) and Voiptime Company had no desire to stay out of this new strategy of lead generation. Meet our web to lead services within the Cloud.

If you’re interested in learning more about web to lead and how web to lead works, you’ll first need to get an API key. This key is a set of numbers and letters that form code created by a special computer program. The main purpose of an API key (application programming interface key) is to obtain data from your visitors and generate leads. Your developers can pass the API key via HTTP header for further procedure.

(Quick tip: it is unwise to put API Keys in source code, especially if it’s publicly available.)

Advantages and opportunities

Main benefits of web to lead service integration:

  • All leads will be captured from your web site and added to CRM automatically
  • Your leads will be delivered to the correct sales rep instantly
  • Your sales department can meet situations head-on by providing detailed information
  • Deep analysis of the web to lead feature on personal contact management software interactions will improve sales productivity


These are the basic fields you can add into your forms with the help of Voiptime Cloud:

  • private Long groupId - identifies the group of the lead;
  • private Long statusId - identifies the lead status;
  • private String email - email;
  • private Set<PhoneDto> phones - phone number;
  • private String name - first name;
  • private String surname - last name;
  • private Boolean active - identifies the level of activity of the phone (active/inactive);
  • private PhoneTypeDto type - phone type;
  • private Long id - phone type ID;
  • private Long sourceId - identifies the lead source.


What else can your web-to-lead form do?

Web to leads are often linked to specific online marketing campaigns. If you need to make a web to lead campaign, you can insert the Campaign ID and the Campaign Member Status into a web-to-lead form. After you complete the form, the submitted leads will be associated with the campaign.


There are different options for web visitors to share information. Every day, people attach their resumes and cover letters to submit job applications. Of course, then, it is possible to send web to lead attachment over online forms, too. Because of notes, tags and task importance, the Voiptime team has added additional fields:


● private Map<String, String> dynamicData - transactional data;

● private Set<CommentDto> comments - comments;

● private List<String> tags - needed tags.

Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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