Time Zone Dialing According to Telemarketing Regulations

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For us, the start of the year was marked by the enormous planning of the goals for the next 3 months and updating the product roadmap. Our first release is focused on the time zone functionality. This new feature gives you the ability to add the leads from different parts of the world into one call campaign. And the best thing is that you don’t need to filter massive databases before import.

Let’s check our new release in more details.

Time zone field in the client card

The agent can choose a time zone from the dropdown menu in the existing client card or while adding the lead manually.

Client card with time zone field

Time zone mapping during the import process

Our solution defines the time zone by initial digits of a phone number during the import process. If a timezone is defined automatically, it will be saved for this contact.

Import process

In the rare cases when the time zone of the contact wasn’t identified, the system will use the default time zone for dialing. You can specify it in step 2 of the import process.


Dialing according to time zones

We adapted our functionality to make it easier for you to obey dialing periods allowed by telemarketing regulations. For your convenience, timezone rules already include the appropriate time for calling on weekdays and weekends for USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany. You can adapt them to your working time and not fear breaking the local law.

For other countries, you can configure the dialing schedule in the “Others” row.

Time zone rules

To use timezone rules, please enable them in the campaign settings and create a set of rules in a few clicks. By default, this feature is disabled.

Campaign settings

Our dialer omits contacts with inappropriate time according to their period of the day and schedules the calling attempts in the morning (time zone blocking). So you can be sure that you won’t disturb customers at night.


UI improvements

We have also made some improvements of the client card view and added the pagination to the Projects tab for your convenience.


If you want to suggest a new feature to be included in our product roadmap, please contact us. We appreciate your feedback.


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