How to Profit in This Year with Dialers for Real Estate

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More than ever before, your business looks for a bigger service area with the realty, mortgage, and rent. David Ogilvy, one of the greatest advertisers of all times, once said, “The more you tell, the more you sell”. And this is very true in the real estate business. The exception is that today you talk mostly via phone and not door-to-door.

In fact, you are up to making door-to-door meetings, but only to show a property, evaluate, sign contracts, and speak with buyers.

Among all sources of communication, the phone is still the most powerful and fast source of communication in the world. The first touch and further relations with customers in most cases are possible because of the phone call.

For example, telemarketing for real estate agents is a highly demanding activity and generates billions in revenue. What do customers in the real estate business value the most? According to statistics, buyers mostly appreciate delivering relevant information about realty.

Benefits provided by real estate agents during a home purchase process in the United States in 2020, Statista Source: Benefits provided by real estate agents during a home purchase process in the United States in 2020, Statista

Mistakes you should avoid with customers in the real estate business

The biggest mistakes you can ever make to customers are not answering a call, increasing queue time, and forgetting to give a callback. Especially, if this is a working time and you have to be online.

There are dozens of other mistakes you can make and lose your customers, even without noticing them. And most of them stem from the incapacity to control incoming and outcoming calls or messages. 

However, if you provide excellent service, customers would recommend you and your agency to family members, friends and colleagues. Don’t forget that the regular customer is tenfold better than the new one. This is all that a 5-stars real estate agency does - find and keep customers as long as possible.

How to predict when a customer wants to request a reality?

Sometimes the most profitable deals and meetings could be arranged at the night or early in the morning. All you want to do is to don’t miss the opportunity. The successful strategy is to make all processes of communication with customers intensive but smooth. Cloud contact centers can deliver that kind of communication.

Imagine you’re online 24/7 with a customer, no matter what type of source they prefer. If they use email, chat, phone, or social media, it’s not a problem to be in touch. You can be home after work and still interact easily with the customer via one of the many sources of communication.

It’s in your power to build strong trust with the customer, so they’ll never think about refinancing. And when they need real estate solutions, they’ll think about you. To tackle these call challenges and more, you need fast-to-launch software for real estate sales.

Call center in intense and competitive real estate business

When the busy day of a broker or sales representative consists of signing contracts, arranging appointments, evaluating properties, etc. There is no need to overwhelm them even more by calling routine or paperwork.

If you have missed calls, emails, messages, or voicemails, it’s difficult to maintain productivity with additional tasks during the day.

There are days when you have no calls or emails whatsoever and suddenly days when you float in calls, messages, appointments, paperwork, making notes, etc. Real estate agencies have to overcome these calling and messaging volumes to be more effective and satisfy every customer.

5-star agencies create sustainability for in-house agents, so they effectively communicate with each other and customers. To accomplish these two most pressing issues, you need real estate call center software.

Four vital reasons why you need in-house call center software

First, by creating an in-house call center, you’ll control and store data about every buyer, seller, and agent.

Second, the purpose of the call center is to have great and smooth 24/7 communication with buyers and vice versa.

There is no better way to hit buyers and sellers than to use a call center or mortgage auto dialer as a tool to reach every customer and generate maximum money in a minimum time.

A great call center includes not only a connection via phone, but chats, emails, IVR, robocalls, metrics, answering service for realtors, CRM systems, and many more. The most important thing is that these features bring money and save time.

Saving money is not only talking with customers yet complying with legal issues. It’s possible to use call center software to comply with all telemarketing laws and never have lawsuits or money loss.

Third, by outsourcing to call centers and other companies, you lose control over the situation. Call centers that work in outsource projects work on a wide range of telemarketing campaigns. They work not only in real estate, because of a competitive market.

And they can’t be so effective as brokers or sales representatives in real estate. They can answer the main questions about real estate, but can’t be too specific. Brokers and sales representatives understand the key necessities of customers and push the right “emotional and practical buttons”. As a result, they’re more flexible in challenging talking situations and close more sales.

Fourth, you need to be absolutely sure about outsourced call centers and their capacity to follow all legal calling issues in a particular country. As an example, they always must comply with agencies, such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) in the US. Or Information Commissioner’s Office rules (ICO) in the UK.

Doing so causes a ban on telemarketing real estate activity, multiple lawsuits, loss of brand image, and money losses. Companies easily lose millions of dollars in a single telemarketing campaign. 

Call center software ensures all-in-one communication 

Call center software will give you all the valuable tools for monitoring and communicating in real and offline time. Whenever you want, you monitor the activity of agents from any place in the world. Your arsenal consists of KPI metrics, calling reports, recorded calls, etc.

Cloud is a remote digital office that implements the functions of a real office. The benefits of real estate call centers are:

  • 24 hours to the start. It takes 24 hours to fully deploy the cloud call center software for your agency with all the necessary tools.
  • 100% free start. In the first month, with the deployment of a call center, you’ll achieve a 100% free and live guide on how to use and manage a call center.
  • 100% remote calls. The cloud call center software is designed to switch your agency to remote work with 100% and reach your customer from any place on the earth.
  • 99,9% uptime and SLA. Achieve a highly competitive service level agreement. Your call center cloud is technically protected by our company. We ensure your cloud work 24/7, and 365 days per year.
  • Money-saving. Using a traditional telephony provider is an expense. Use IP telephony providers to significantly reduce your money loss. We will inform you how much money you will spend on calls.
  • Use a local provider in 200+ countries. If you want to use a local provider to be more credible it’s not a problem. It’s easy to have access to providers of 200+ countries to make more profit and trust from customers.
  • Comply with local time and laws. It’s easy to use this software to comply with local time and not to disturb customers accidentally. It also gives you the capacity to comply with (Do Not Call) DNC lists.
  • An increasing number of agents up to 1000. Increasing or decreasing the number of agents, without effort.
  • 5+ interface languages. We can add any required interface language in a few days.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR). Customers connect to the pre-recorded messages and don’t speak with the real agent. IVR uses the menu option with key press automated or a voice-activated mechanism to route calls to the department or specific person.
  • Automated call distribution (ACD). When buyers call your cloud call center, a smart routing system reduces queue time and routes them to the relevant agent.
  • Auto dialer. A real estate auto dialer is one of the most important functions of call center software. It increases productivity, talking time and reduces idle time. There are 3 main types of outbound dialers (Progressive, Predictive, and Preview). Each of them has its advantages and is designed for a certain purpose.
  • Call scripts. Scripts are useful tools for agents to meet the questions or objections of customers. They appear in a text form on the screen, and an agent has all the information to tackle negotiations, without losing motivation. Scripts are extremely useful in using a predictive real estate dialer when you don’t have a lot of time to prepare for a conversation.
  • Call recording. Call recording is not only useful for analyzing conversations with customers. Sometimes recording has legal grounds according to the FTC, one of the US federal agencies. If you have a necessity, you can return to the recording and check the quality of service. Storing of the recorded calls, ease of search, and availability must be on the highest level.
  • Omnichannel sources of communication. It’s easy to increase telemarketing real estate leads via phone calls, emails, web chats to interact 24 hours a day. Cloud gives the capacity to communicate with the customer with one of these sources.
  • Real-time dashboards, communicating, and ultimate reporting. With the real-time dashboard, you’re able to track the active agent’s conversations, real-time information about the number of received, processed, and lost requests (calls, emails, web chats, etc.). Great workforce optimization and control over all processes.
  • No missed calls or messages. None of the calls or messages from the customer will be missed. Cloud gives you the capacity to track every missed call or message and answer them in 24 hours a day fashion.
  • Data protection and security. Voiptimecloud company works only with certified data centers to ensure hacker or DoS attacks on your data. The call center cloud can easily handle high-volume calls 24 hours a day. Also, we sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) if necessary.
  • Integration with CRM systems. During calls, an agent must see the relevant information about customers from different sources, including CRM. Fast and easy integration with Zendesk, Salesforce, and equal applications.
  • Easy increase of seats. If you wish to increase or decrease the number of seats for your cloud, you need to make a few simple actions to make it possible.
  • Discounts. We have a progressive system of discounts, to save you more money. If you order 100+ seats, you’ll achieve 50% off for a subscription. The more seats you have, the better the discount. Just dial 1-720-362-50-05 for details or go here

How to use a predictive dialer to call everyone you want?

Agencies have regular buyers, sellers, renters, and a big potential base of customers that want to make a move.

They aren’t active yet, but today is a day. A buyer might seek your number and just wait for a callback. Maybe prospects called you recently and told you about selling the property. You made a note in your CRM and waited.

Anyway, you want to call them fast and understand their state of mind. Maybe today you convey them to make the move. To do it efficiently and without time and money loss, you need predictive dialer software.

All of your potential customers achieve a call and you can reshape your database. It also has a detection of answering machines so you speak only with a customer. The key features of a predictive auto dialer for realtors are:

  • Based on statistical data, calculate the proper dialing speed of numbers. Predictive dialer increases productivity to the maximum and reduce idle time of agents;
  • Connecting only with the live person, and 100% avoiding pre-recorded messages or answering machines;
  • A predictive dialer triples the productivity of each agent and allows each of them to have at least 188 live calls per day. The motivation of agents remains super high because they speak only with alive people. For comparison, manual dialing gives on average 100-110 call attempts and 38 live calls per day.

What do successful and celebrities think about real estate and call centers?

Rich and celebrities are not forgiving mistakes from brokers and sales representatives. Whether it’s about a calling routine or a lousy customer experience. They will easily skip the agency or broker with no second thought.

And you want to entice these people first and you want to keep in touch with them. Certainly, you don’t want to miss calls from them.

They also expect an excellent customer experience and rarely give a second chance to agencies.

How to excel in economic transformation?

During the COVID-19 environment and economic transformation, remote work becomes a more common and inevitable pattern for all businesses. If restrictions block your offices and real estate business somehow, with cloud-based call center software you can work from any place in the world 24/7 and 100% remotely. 

Voiptime Cloud is an expert in call center & dialing software for more than a decade. We’re trusted by banks, manufacturers, BPO call centers, insurance companies, SMBs, etc. We helped generate thousands of dollars for customers and are looking to grow them even more.

All you need to have is call center software, internet connection, browser, headphones, and laptop/PC or tablet. This software allows you to call customers, at maximum speed at a minimum time.

We provide an effective and timely response to our customer’s needs. For business owners, we provide education, free guidance, or consultation on how to use our software effectively.

All the updates and technical support are absolutely free. Order today to achieve discounts and raise your real estate business into the stratosphere. 

Interested in ultimate call center software?

Contact us to discuss your needs and see Voiptime Contact Center in action!

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