How to Diffuse a Negative Situation on the Phone

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You can give the best service and do your job flawlessly, but it doesn’t guarantee that 100% of your clients are satisfied.

Call center agents can meet frustration during cold calling campaigns; sales managers face irritated customers. Today we’ll share 5 strategies to dispel a problem on the phone.

1. Don’t blame yourself

Do not take personally the reason for the client’s mood. The customer is not upset because of you, your voice, or your behavior. The client is dissatisfied with the services or products your company provides.


2. Keep calm

The client can scream, yell, and show emotionally his dissatisfaction. Your behavior in such situations should be the opposite: you need to remain calm. This approach will let you control the situation and build the conversation in the right way. The answer in the same tone will escalate the mood of the call. The thing that may help you to feel more confident is the script. If you have the scenario for the specific situation, your chances to solve the issue increase.

3. Listen, not talk

The main aim of the angry customer’s call is to make the statement and ensure that it will be passed to the right department (e.g. delivery or customer relationship management). When the client is irritated the best way to dispel the situation is to listen to him. Let the customer vent their anger. Be open and try to understand why the problem occurred; think over the solution of the issue. Pay attention to every tiny detail. Now you know why your client is upset and can work it out. Ask about important details. Don’t forget to write down personal information, which will help to identify the client.


4. Say that you are sorry and try to fix everything

Then move to apologizes. Even if the customer is not right you need to say you are sorry for the inconvenience and even for the time he or she spent on this call. You can put your apologize in one graceful sentence and then move to the next step which is finding a solution to the problem.


5. Ask for help

If the agent can’t handle the negative situation on his or her own, there is a perfect time to tap the supervisor. It is easy to make it by using call center software that allows a supervisor to listen to the conversation between agent and client without actual participation in the dialog (incognito mode), or to participate in it but just as the helper for the agent (prompting mode), or to actually talk to the client so he and the agent can hear him (conference mode). Make a note at the client profile at sales lead management software your team uses.

Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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