How Technology Streamlines the Sales Process

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What are the main splinters of the sales process? We are sure that you aware of all three of them: the routine, the prolonged tasks, the repetitive assignments.

What are the main splinters of the sales process? We are sure that you aware of all three of them: the routine, the prolonged tasks, the repetitive assignments. Today Voiptime team will share basic technologies for simplification of sales process. So, let’s remove the thorns from sales process safely.

No daily sales routine anymore

Let your supervisor set up calls for you in accordance with your skills and KPIs. It is easy to make in all-in-one solution simply by adding the tasks to your personal Calendar within the system. The supervisor have more rights than other Users, that’s why he or she can initiate the actions other users unable to do. This point is flexible thanks to the system called CRM. In this type of technologies for sales the team of your managers is able to manage all interactions between all participants of selling process.


No repetitive assignments at all

The key thing you should do with the sales process is to automate it. First thing you need to do is to differentiate the tasks your team is doing again and again. The next step is in establishing priorities and classifying the tasks. Not all task may need the automation, but the majority is able to be adjusted accordingly. From now on your teammates will be focused on the most valuable tasks that require the strong attention.

Here are the key processes that you can automate:

· Lead prospecting (e.g. transfer safely all leads that would like to get your e-book for free from forms to your LMS).
· Email prospecting.
· Email tracking (put the check in the user settings within Voiptime Cloud system and track both received and sent letters).
· Lead scoring (would you like all new leads to become the status or the score you want to give it even before the beginning of lead nurturing process? Try to automate this process too.

No time-consuming tasks

How to simplify the sales process? Make it quicker with inside sales call center software.

Before LMS

After LMS
Your sales reps need to write info about new or old leads into external sources that are separated from the system for calling.
Voiptime Cloud is all-in-one product which is convenient to make notes directly into the card connected to the precise lead.

The sales team had chance to forget about the meeting even though there are numerous of applications for remembering about the meeting to make. The system has several ways to remind you about the burning tasks. Moreover there is no need to use any other tool for dialing with the solution that provides you telephony.
The common situation is to get new leads on email right after they filled any web form on your site. Afterwards you need to transfer your leads from email box to the CRM for further proceeding. Get all newcomers into the Group you’d like (e.g. the one assigned to the special User) with the required Status and other features. Facilitate the lead nurturing process and safve your time.


Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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