Growing Your Contact Center Culture

Corporate culture and team spirit are crucial for effective work and positive ROI.

You may have brilliant products, excellent online Predictive Dialer solution, automated processes, but if your employees are not loyal to the company and do not feel happy, the customer service level will never be excellent. Let’s see what easy steps might be done to make your agents feel a part of the team and to grow contact center culture.

Establish socialization


Create and manage the group on social media, invite everyone from your call center to join the group, inspire them to make posts. Share news and make different announcements for agents and supervisors, they may check updates when having free time. Everyone uses social media these days and there is no easier way to unite your co-workers than by setting up a comfortable communication group, where they can share ideas or jokes and feel entertained and trained.

Unfortunately, it is common for call center agents not to keep in touch with each other. Change it: post birthday greetings, share quotes, and group photos. Turn on your creativity to set and then use the benefits of contact center culture!

You can make weekly posts to share:

● Inspirations

● Hobbies

● Books or movies.

For instance: “Hi everyone! This week is dedicated to the cinema. Here is a list of movies about call center life: ... You are welcome to share with us must-see movies from your list as well”.

Make people happier


Try to be a creative writer and illustrator. October Jones knows how to inspire people. He does it in form of doodle messages left on public transport and motivates us. But for getting some inspiration you don’t need to make a trip to England, where October Jones lives. You can inspire agents of the call center with your own creations: live motivators, notes, small tasty gifts, and other things, that will make your colleagues feel happier and more important.

Provide the right information


Any policy changes or other updates are about to come? Share them with your team. Outsourced call centers always work with information that changes on regular basis. The ability to track these changes will improve contact center culture and FCR.

For example, for an e-shop call center update is needed:

● Before holidays (information on discounts and lower prices)

● After holidays (the prices return to normal levels)

● Policy changes (no more free shipping, etc)

● Website updates to be made and it will be temporary unavailable for customers.

● Redesign

● Entry of new goods or services etc.

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