8 Telesales Strategies that Really Work

Is telesales still an effective sales strategy in nowadays market? It may surprise you to learn that despite its doubtful reputation, telemarketing, when done respectfully and thoughtfully, is still considered to be one of the most powerful ways to generate new leads and close sales.

Together with reaching the target audience and gathering valuable information, telesales is also proved to be effective for lead nurturing and qualification, appointment setting and management as well. It should be remembered, though, that launching a telesales campaign is a nearly starting point which doesn’t guarantee direct sales success. The key is to approach telemarketing in the right way. Therefore, to produce the desired results and ensure a steady workflow, it is recommended to follow effective telesales techniques.

8 telesales strategies that really work:

  1. Set clear sales targets. Maybe, it sounds obvious but it is a very important point. Any telesales strategy plan is impossible without goals. When you and your team members know what you want to achieve (for instance, close some number of sales per day) it helps you to track your efficiency. Your manager can write these figures on a flipchart or display them on a screen in the call center. It will give additional motivation to your team.
  2. Prepare for the call. This is one of the first and most essential steps to be taken before making an introductory call. We live in the age of the internet and social media. Therefore, before you call a prospect, learn everything about them, i.e., their business, needs, interests,  recently won contracts, etc. Do research on your client at different websites such as LinkedIn, Prospects, etc. Apart from this, you can also make initial contact with the help of social media by connecting via mutual acquaintances or comment on their social posts. Keep in mind that gathered information will not only help you to gain a better selling position but also to get a completely new set of opportunities.
  3. Follow a sales script. Using a script is always a subject of controversy. Yet, most specialists agree that a well-written telemarketing script gives a possibility to efficiently handle various call interactions as well as to transform average sales representatives into professionals. The idea of a script is not to read it but to use it as a guide helping you deliver your message clearly and confidently. When used correctly, telesales script yields the following benefits:
    • it helps you to create and constantly refine your sales methodology;
    • it allows you to spend less time thinking about what to say in a certain call situation and more time listening to the potential customer;
    • it provides a baseline for the sales team’s performance.

To learn how to create an effective telemarketing script, check out our guide "Ultimate Guide to Cold Calling Scripts".

  1. Focus on customer challenges. The ultimate goal of telesales is not to trick prospects into getting a product or service that doesn’t work for them but to provide beneficial solutions for solving daily business challenges. That requires a two-way conversation where the sales representative proceeds with the qualifying questions and prospects articulate their needs. The key thing here is to talk less and listen more as it is an essential way to build trust and make a person feel valued.

  1. Always take action on your calls. If you promised your prospect to do something do it. Never leave the follow-up in the customer’s hand but set a clear date and time for further meeting or conversation instead. Every second of delay works against your company. Voiptime Contact Center solution allows you to take action on your calls right during the conversation. You can send to your prospect standard email with an offer, SMS, or schedule a callback within seconds.

  2. Constantly analyze data. Listen to agents' calls, work on their sales skills, and discuss the way the company can do better and increase its revenue with them. It will help you not only to find out the gaps in your agents’ knowledge but also to see how clients respond when they offer your product or service. Doing so, your manager will be able to understand what needs improvement and how to do telesales more effectively.

  3. Train your sales team and make this process ongoing. By coaching your staff, you will be able to successfully organize the work of sales representatives and improve their sales skills. Listen to their calls, work on their mistakes, teach them effective telemarketing techniques, and discuss the way the company can do better and increase its revenue with them. To learn more about call center training best practices check out our guide.

  4. Up-sell. Looking for new customers, do not forget about existing ones. You already have their attention so why don’t you sell them more? You understand these customers’ needs better therefore it’s a perfect opportunity to up-sell or cross-sell. Analyze your client base for these opportunities will help you increase your sales substantially.

Choose proper dialer

Proper telemarketing software is as important as all strategies. It allows you to:

  • automate all the routine tasks (dialing, redialing and so on);
  • reduce idle time;
  • make callback simpler;
  • provide more personalized customer service because an agent can see client card and communication history as well as conversation script right during the call.

Choose dialing mode depending on call purpose (cold calls, warm calls to existing customers, up-sell and loyalty programs, verification and debt collection in finance industry, etc). Voiptime Cloud telemarketing software offers three different dialing modes: preview, power, and predictive dialing. Let us take a closer look at them.

  • Preview dialer. This mode has one indisputable advantage - it displays the client card on the agent’s screen before dialing and keeps it visible throughout the call. It allows the agent to learn some information about the client and decide on what to do - dial this contact or skip it and go to the next one from the call list. The system remembers their choice and does not display the contact until the end of a campaign. Preview dialing mode is good when agents make calls to existing customers and need some time to get ready for the call. But it has some cons as well. Firstly, it is a low dialing speed. An agent needs to press every contact manually that takes some time. Secondly, they hear all the busy signals, no answers, etc. So this dialing mode won’t help you if you want to launch a cold calling campaign.
  • Power dialer. This dialer is more automated than the previous one. It dials phone numbers one by one only when agents can take a call (are in Ready status). Power dialer starts one call for every agent. It reduces the risk of abandoned calls. The system connects agents only with live calls. They don’t waste time listening to busy signals or answer machines and stay motivated. But the client is visible only after the connection is made. Power dialer is good when you have a reliable contact list (for example, existing customers) and a small team of agents. Since all numbers are dialed automatically and operators talk only with live customers they are able to have more conversations per work shift that means closing more sales for the same time. 
  • Predictive dialer. This intelligent dialing system works out the dialing speed based on the real-time data and places many numbers simultaneously for each agent. It estimates when the call is about to end and dials the next contact. This dialing mode is great for big teams (10+ agents). The more agents you have, the more accurate predictions the dialer makes. It also connects agents only with live calls so they don’t face with busy signals, answer machines, no answers, etc. This mode increases talking time up to 45-50 minutes per hour and is great for cold calling.

That’s what you need to know about dialing modes. Now when you have got some understanding in this field and can choose a proper dialer let us move to telemarketing strategies.

Even though nowadays companies can use new channels to approach their target audience and generate leads, telemarketing still remains one of the most effective ways for reaching the best possible results. By using successful telesales strategies, companies tend to spend far less than it is required with many other forms of marketing. Therefore, telemarketing proves to be a vital and valuable business opportunity that you cannot miss out.


Published Oct 19, 2017, updated Jul, 30, 2020.

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