5 Cold Calling Strategies That Really Work

Cold calling is the aspect of selling that strikes the greatest fear in the hearts of the people. The best way to make your cold calls appealing is to stop considering them cold calls. When you dial the number, you should think that you are making an introductory call for your business. Keep in mind that you are only trying to introduce your business and brand to a customer.

To reduce your fear it is important that you understand the purpose behind the introductory calls. It will allow you to have a realistic attitude towards the person you are trying to connect with. It is none other than a business development activity. Prospecting through the phone often takes longer than other strategies that you might have been using. It is important that you make an effort every time you engage with a new person to get better results.

Cold calling can be scary sometimes but you are not alone in this process. Most of the sales representatives consider it as the most dreadful task of their job. However, you cannot get away from it so it is better that you deal with it in an effective way. Find the potential customers to increase the sales and revenue. Here we have everything you need to know to make the best cold calls.

What is cold calling

Cold calling is an effective method of telemarketing. The reason they are called cold calls is that you have no commitment to the customers. They do not know the reason of your calling and there is no guarantee that whether you will make the sales or not.

It is the conventional way used to market the products. Due to the advancement in technology, most of the people say that cold calls have lost their importance. However, most of the experts still regard effective cold calling as the best strategy to promote the brand and business.



Effectiveness of Cold Calling


5 best cold call strategies

Here we have the list of 5 best cold call strategies that you must consider while making the call.

1. Smile and Dial

When you are ready to make a cold call, it is important that you hold a smile for at least 20 seconds. It might seem crazy but the research has proved that smiling before making the call will provide the following benefits:

  • When you will smile it will help to control your heart rate and relieve the stress
  • Whether the smile is genuine or not it will help to reduce the stress response of your body
  • It will have a positive effect on how to engage with your customers. It will make others smile as well and your chances of changing a prospect into customer will increase.

2. Be a Hero

Being your own hero is the cold calling strategies that work every time. All you have to do is stand like a hero when you are making the call. You should stand straight, feet apart and hands on the hips. Even if the person on the other side of the phone cannot see you, it will boost your confidence and your stress will be controlled. It this way you will have an effective conversation with the prospect.

3. Phone a Friend

When you are new to making the cold calls anxiety comes naturally. One of the best ways to fight it off is to pretend that you are calling a friend or a person that you love the most. To make it possible bring some pictures of your loved ones and stick them to your front desk. You can also open the images in your phone before making the call. It will make you feel like you are talking to a familiar person and so you will not lose your confidence and it will bring up your enthusiasm. It will relieve your pain and put you to ease.

4. One or two Sentences at a time

It is one of the most effective cold calling strategies that is often ignored. It is a fact that the brain will only process the information for 20 to 30 seconds. So you have to ensure that you keep it short yet engaging. If you will keep bombarding your prospect with information, he will soon lose interest. When your client starts to ask questions it would mean that they are interested, otherwise do not prolong the call.

5. Lean into Rejection

Instead of focusing on the acceptance it is better that, you focus on the rejections. As a cold calling salesperson, you should be motivated by every rejection, as it will provide you a chance to grow. Every day select a target of no that you would like to hear. When you will notice that, you are unable to achieve your target it would have a double positive effect.


man with a headset

Tips for cold calling

While making the cold calls consider the following tips, as they will enhance your chances of grabbing the attention of your customers.

1. Prepare before you call

In order to ensure that your conversation ring true your mind set should be aligned with what you are speaking. It is important that you practice what you are planning to say before you make the call. One of the best ways to practice is that you try it with your friends and ask them to pretend as different prospects. It will help you to understand how you can deal with people of different natures. Practicing in front of the mirror is an old technique that has been working for many ages.

2. Know your opening statement

While you are practicing your cold call, one of the most important things to figure out is the opening statement. Whether you call a prospect or a lead your opening statement will help them to decide whether they want to continue the call or not. Make sure that you figure out a perfect opening statement that would be related to your brand. Deliver it in a polite and engaging tone so that the customer would prefer to hear more from you.

3. Perfect your phone style

Most of the people are self-conscious when they are trying to make the cold call. In order to appear confident you have to ensure that your phone style is perfect. To practice your phone style all you need is a recorder. Now select some of the favorite lines that you would prefer to say on the call. Once you start talking press the record button and pretend as if you are talking to a prospect. Listen to your voice and ensure that it sounds confident and polite. For this, you will definitely need a dialer software. Thanks to this not only you but also your manager will be able to listen to your calls for further training, compliance improvement and quality assurance.

4. Watch your tone

When you make the cold call, you have to make sure that the tone of your voice does not sound sheepish, arrogant or embarrassed. The best tone would be:

• Curious

• Warm

• Professional businesslike

• Straightforward

• To the point

When you are making a conversation, you have to give people the reasons to interact with you. Make them believe that you are the best in what you are doing. Present different offers and discounts that will make them buy the products you are trying to sell.

5. Set goals

You have to make sure that you set important and quick goals that will give you the chance to interact with more prospects.

  • 50 calls in 150 minutes is the best target that you can set
  • 3 minutes for a call are enough to know whether the prospect in interested in the business or not
  • Never give your prospect the impression that you are free to talk.
  • Keep in mind that chatting is not prospecting
  • Your mission is to get the point and then move to the next prospect

6. Take 5

Breaks between the calls are very important. You need them to get back on track with more confidence and motivation. After every 15 calls, you should take the 5 minutes break. In that duration, you can do anything you want to relax. It would give you the chance to focus on how you are going to interact with the next 15 callers. You can also take a sip and pat yourself on the back because you are making the calls happen in the limited time.

7. Never sell in the first attempt

When you make the first call ensure that, you focus on gathering information and sharing knowledge about your products and services. Make sure that you get the prospect interested in having an appointment. You should let the prospect know all the benefits of working with you and your organization so that they would like to have more. When you will attempt to sell in the first call, it would frustrate most of the customers. So it is better that you focus on building relationships.

8. Dig out the benefits

When you call the prospect focus on all the things that will help you to gain their attention. You should mention all the issues that they might have been dealing with and how your products will help them get rid of all the problems. At the same time, you should also look for the things that might make your prospect refrain from buying the product and avoid all such mistakes. You should be trained to handle all types of situation and face all the objections that will come from the prospects.

9. Research your target

It is a big no to call your prospects with a complete research. It is important that you have all the required details about every prospect that you are going to call. Keep in mind that every customer is different. They have unique problems, needs and demands regarding your product. You have to pinpoint what they want and then make your conversation attractive. It will make your prospect feel like you understand them and it would be a beginning of a strong relation.

10. Target the gatekeepers

Most of the time you have to talk to the boss of another organization to sell your products. It is a reality that your call will always be received at the reception first before it is connected to the main office. The gatekeeper should be your first target and you must learn to impress them. Be polite to the gatekeeper and it will provide you the chance to get the inside information regarding the organization. You might get some hints to grab the attention of the boss.


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Benefits of cold calling

Here are some of the amazing benefits that your business will get from cold calling.

  • It is the best way to identify the target market. With every call, you will get the piece if the information you need to ensure that your company will develop the products that will solve the issues of the customers.
  • Cold calling is the best way to help you resolve the issues that your company might have been facing. If you are no getting the expected response from the customers or they are not responding to the emails. You can always use the cold calls and ask them about the reasons they are not buying your products. In this way, you can pinpoint the issues and resolve them for future assistance.
  • It might take some time but when you are confident enough to talk to the prospects easily, it will provide you many other benefits. You can easily deal with the crowd and several calls effectively by increasing the revenue of the organization.
  • Customers are more responsive to the polite human voice as compared to the robotic voicemails that they often have to deal with. It will provide you a chance to gain the trust of your customers and so you can easily turn them into loyal clients.
  • The cold calls will help you to capture the interest of the customers. When you will get a replay for the prospect ensure that you quickly call them. In this way, you will grab their attention and it would be easier for you to convince the prospect that your product will solve the issue they are dealing with.
  • The biggest advantage of cold calling is that it is an affordable way to increase your revenue. When you have started your small business, you do not have the money to hire a person. You can use the cold calling technique to increase your revenue.
  • It is the simplest method of marketing your business. All you need is the phone, a few numbers, and your pencil. With the practical knowledge, it is stress-free and a hassle free method.

Bottom line

It all ends with the methods and the techniques that you have been using to ensure that cold calling will be advantageous for your business. With the passage of time, the importance of cold calling is diminishing but with the expert, you will notice the benefits it brings to your company. It might seem uncomfortable and difficult in the beginning but once you will understand the tactics it will open many new doors and bring interesting opportunities. Cold calling is a guaranteed way of increasing your sales because when a customer commits he will never back out.

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