Easy Ways to Have More Sales Conversations this Month

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There are different ways to boost your sales meetings and talks. Some of them are obvious and rely on personal development; others are more advanced, based on modern technologies and software.

The solutions that will help you to sell better include cold calling software, lead management, and callbacks.

Organize and Make Sales Calls

The more organized lead list you have the less time you spend on management and finding information. It means more sales conversations. After the new lead is imported into the database, you can add it to one of the existing groups or create a new group in Voiptime Cloud. Upload contacts from your Excel table right into the system with a source, number, email, and other fields. Obtain leads from the web forms on your site directly into your LMS. Subscription forms, login forms, and other types of forms are perfect instruments for lead gathering.

How do you get information from website forms now? Are such contacts sent to your email or accessible at the administrative panel of the website? Can you call them right away or do you need to copy them to your database? Managing these contacts and routine Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C, and Ctrl + V takes your time that you could spend more efficiently.


We suggest you automate the process and obtain leads from the web forms right into your Voiptime Cloud lead management platform. Ask your developers to use an API key provided to integrate all forms with the system and to make proper settings, so new prospects, uploaded from the website, are stored in the right group, and have a relevant source, and status.

The system will enable you to:

● Make calls from the client card
● Set tasks
● Turn on the email tracking
● Add attachments etc.


CallBack Is In Time

What is the difference between the Superhero and the Supersales manager? The first can fly, fight, might have a hammer, save a planet from time to time, or else. The second has the power that wins overall: the ability to call in time every time. How?

It is possible with the help of sales lead management software that has a calendar and callback features, one of such tools is Voiptime Cloud. You can create callbacks both in the client card and in the calendar. And get the notifications before the call. Set the time for reminders to pop up on the left side of the screen and empower yourself to call in time.

Add a SIP number and dial from local numbers for getting more sales conversations this month.

Increase your sales productivity easier this month with Voiptime Cloud!

Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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