Team Calendar, Compliance Tools, Call Records Filtration and More

The 2018 year is coming to the end and we announce our latest product release for this year. Last time, we shared our plans with you and promised to simplify the appointment process, change the visibility of call records for the agents, etc.

Let’s check what new features and improvements are available now:

Team calendar

This feature is very useful if your agents need to schedule meetings and create callbacks for other members of the team. While adding the task, the agent can share it with the team. Such tasks are shown on the team calendar and can be completed by every member.

Compliance tools:

  • Select the period of a maximum abandoned call rate calculation. The default period is 30 days (which allows you to comply with US and Canadian telemarketing rules) but you can change it to 24 hours (as required by Ofcom regulations).

  • Adjust the ringing time. Now, you can choose between 15 and 40 seconds, which allows you to comply with the legal requirements as for how long the call attempt to a client should last.
  • Control redialing rules for abandoned calls. According to telemarketing rules, a callback to an abandoned call is allowed no earlier than in 72 hours after an unsuccessful attempt or in the guaranteed presence of the operator. Now, a default interval of 72 hours to repeat a dialing attempt is being set automatically.
  • Choose an action on the waiting queue time expiration. According to FCC and Ofcom regulations, if the agent is not available to answer an outbound call immediately, the recipient goes to the waiting queue and they must receive a prerecorded message. We’ve added the possibility to choose what action should be made by the system to comply with the local regulations:
    • end the call (in 2 seconds);
    • play a prerecorded prompt;
    • no action.

In the first two cases, such calls will be marked as abandoned and won’t be transferred to an agent.

Import without owner

This improvement allows not to specify the lead owner for the imported contact database. Each of such contacts will have the default “no owner” option that can be manually changed from the client card.

Call records filtration

An improvement that completely changes the access to the call center call records. Now, only the owner has the full access to all call records. Due to the simple filter, they can easily find records of any agent. The agents can check only their own call records and records of the team they belong to. If the agent belongs to the default team, one will see only their own records.

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