Capture Leads From Your Website with Voiptime Cloud Web to Lead API

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Voiptime Cloud's web to lead feature collects data, submitted by your website visitors: email, phone or product of interest and loads it directly into the system, so you can start working with new prospects right away.

To pass website data to the LMS you need to use an API and an API key. API key is a set of numbers and letters created by a special computer program. It is generated by our system for every registered Voiptime Cloud user.

1) To get a key enter the Voiptime Cloud system and go to Settings; click on API tab:


Your developers can add an API key into API header (looks like API-Key:) for further procedure.

2) Create groups your leads will be saved to in Voiptime Cloud LMS.

  • Choose Groups tab and click Create Group.
  • Give it a name and change or add other fields.
  • Click Save for further procedure.

You can edit and import created Groups. At Sample pictures we have created 3 groups: First, Second, and Third.


3) Now you need to generate the body.

  • Go to Settings and click API.
  • Follow steps from 1 to 3.

Step 1. Choosing a group your leads will be saved to. You can choose the appropriate Group from your list. You can choose Group with the name First for leads from one site, group Second - for the other, if you have many websites and want to generate leads from them into separate groups.


Step 2. Choosing a Lead Status, with which leads, generated from your website, will be marked. There are some default statuses for your leads (e.g. Qualified). By choosing the corresponded status, you are applying this Status to every new lead in this Group:


Step 3. Selecting the source, which will be applied to all new leads within the current Group.


4) Send a body code to the system. Step 4.

Ask for help of your website developer. He needs to copy the generated content in the window and send POST request to the site, mentioned on this page. It’s important to connect email, name, surname and phone values to relevant fields of the form on your site.

The example of the form on your site filled by the lead:


5) Test Voiptime Cloud web-to-lead feature.

Right after your website visitor fills all fields and clicks the Submit button all data from the website will be saved in the Voiptime Cloud lead management system, in the selected group; with selected status and source.
Now it is ready for further filtering, editing, and proceeding!


6) PHP code sample.
On a picture below you can check how the integration code will look in PHP.

optimized phpcodesample

Manage leads easier with Voiptime lead selling software.

Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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