Out-Of-The-Box Call Center Scripts For Agents That Win Customers Love

Grab the call center scripting methods and templates for better customer service and engagement.

In today’s guide on the contact center’s scripts:

  • The single most important issues you need to make in order to establish top-notch reporting in your contact center;

  • What are the single most powerful ways to use scripts;

  • What is required from you to be capable to maintain your customers as well as achieving new ones?

  • The 1-2-3 issues every manager needs to know in order to prove the product's relevance to customers, and many more.

Source:The location of your customer service call center, Statista

If you want every day to leave customers smiling, even in the most stressful and challenging situations, you need to know how to use call center scripting properly in your contact center. 

Despite the fact your call or contact center is located either in the office or remotely through the contact center software, callers are unable to see you and make a first impression. However, they hear you and build their own impression fairly easily and promptly.

What will be the meaning of the impression is up to you. Yet will tell you exactly how to use call center scripting and maybe some software to move in consonance with customers to build a positive and consistent customer experience.

The role of customer service scripts as life rafts for both experienced and newbies

Yes, your goods or services already satisfy your needs. And there’re cases when people want to give you a call and achieve encompassing answers to their questions or customer issues. 

From time to time, folks in the customer service teams are arguing that each call is unique. But there’s always a substantial portion of customer service calls your contact center reps have already answered yet forget.

So, why do they reinvent the wheel? Instead of effective call center scripting plus higher responses to customers’ questions and issues, they waste so much energy. 

Indeed, properly working out customer service scripts, which customer service representatives use in ordinary cases, will dramatically free the agent's energy and intellectual power for the most challenging inquiries.

And there’s plenty of them in each shift. Now, let’s discover customer service scripts one after another in a logical sequence. 

Hint: Make the effective call center script even better. For instance, use the call center quality assurance cards. And highlight success or failures.

If your call center script implies "Hi" it's a tinny road callers notice and react on

Well, most of the contact center agents use - "Hi" as a predetermined way in their call center script openings for all inbound calls. The problem with the "Hi" is that inbound callers, the vast majority of them, aren’t personal friends of yours. Moreover, they never want to be your friends. All they want is to achieve the necessary information for their needs. 

Using such call center script openings, you’re crossing the line that offends both ordinary and VIP consumers. To regular buyers, this invitation literally means: “No matter who you are, I give a damn on your needs because I’ve already crossed the personal life”. The negative feeling and assumptions trigger switching to another brand. Somewhere customers are respected.

While to the VIP callers this will be the indication of the lay-people approach. And mean this: “If your agents (lay-people) are a reflection of yourself (which is true in nearly 100% of cases). Implication works as follows: What kind of serious business can we make if you greet me this way?”

As you see it’s completely wrong to cross the personal line. And you can do better than that. Here’s how. If your caller is a new customer, nail the first seconds using the following call center script best practices.

Here's how the dialog should look: “Good day, I’m (rep’s name), from the company (your company), What can I do for you today?”

Notice how this call center script template looks promptly, friendly, and equally professional. Does this customer service call script sound good enough?

And it’s so easy to build a connection with new customers in this way! On the other hand, in the inbound call from the regular, you already know the information about the caller due to your software.

And should talk like this: “Good day, Mr/Mrs. (James), I’m (Jessica Parker). What can I do for you today?”

As you noticed, it’s a little bit shorter than the example listed above, and it’s because the caller already knows your company and maybe you. So it’s better to give a brief hello in a friendly and professional way and proceed to the issue. 

That’s really simple. You can be much better than Hi, and believe it, consumers, both ordinary and VIP will appreciate it. And reward you.

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Perform with a customer service script template for maximum effectiveness and nail any inbound call?

You already know how to properly build the first impression with new or regular customers. In the case of regular buyers, the software already has their first names and basic information. 

And you can make the call personal from the beginning. Now you need to achieve the order or build a new business. And you need to know how to do it. 

For instance, if the caller needs to order the product or service, you need to act like this. As soon as potential customers or regular buyers describe to you the purpose of the call, and this is the ordering. 

Thus your way of saying: “Mr/Mrs. Parker, you want to order the fruits and vegetables (If you’re a food store), and they are (and you start to list the products in a list).” Then you ask the reaffirming question: “Is that correct?”

Hint: Remember to pronounce each item from the list at the normal speed. The advice would be this: It’s better to pronounce items slower than faster .

A customer service call script will help you to build in the logical sequence of proper customer service or sales scripts in agent and customer interaction.

The only exception is if you have the perfect lingo and articulation and sound perfectly clear. Also, remember that call center quality assurance is important, and you pivot the effective call center script when necessary.

If you achieve the affirmative response then you proceed to the payment process. If the caller asks you again to name items in the list – try to pronounce each item but now twice as slowly and clearly as you’ve done it before. If all is good this time, you tell: “Would you like to make a payment with a credit card or with cash?” And then you proceed to the delivery process.

The next step would be disclosing the price of the purchase: “Your final price is 350$. Would you like to confirm the purchase?”

The difference in ordering a large number of items and one. Is that you always try to achieve the affirmative answer when selling 10-plus items at a time? Because sometimes, callers accidentally or by bad luck order something they don’t need or can’t afford.  

Hence, in establishing the business connection, you can receive a call such as: Good day, I’m Mike. I’d like to speak with Mr. Reeves”

But your agent knows that Mr. Reeves is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in your company. Hence your agent is likely to use a call center verification script, just in case, to screen out irrelevant individuals before the actual connection. 

Thus, the polite question that screens mock call scripts and salespeople could be like this:

“Mr. Reeves said that business matters are the top priority. Please tell me what kind of business you want to offer to Mr. Reeves?” The person either discloses the cause or will try again. 

But guess what? If a person continues to try you over and over. It's even more suspicious because there’s nothing wrong with your questions. And particularly in question regarding the business purpose of the call.

If the caller claims they’re friends or significant other, why haven’t the personal number of Mr. Reeves? Because Mr. Reeves never gave his number to this particular person. 

To maintain the high level of call center quality assurance and screen out the salespeople. Here’s what you say if the person insists anyway without disclosing the business purpose: 

“I’m sorry, Mr. Jackson, but I’m not allowed to connect the calls without knowing the business purpose, in advance”. 

Or you can use a template for the customer service call back script and say:

 "I can give you a callback if you wish, but I can't connect this call right now".

That’s it, very simple. Your agent achieves the money for the real calls that do not waste the company’s time. Quite the opposite to earn the money and establishing business relationships. Thus allowing them to answer this way.

Hint: This type of caller discloses their business goal, and you can screen out the salesperson by this question. And there’s no way a person conceals their purpose unless they are the salespeople that want to pitch your boss. Here's how using call center scripting software can make your life as a manager much easier.

By the way, the person that wishes to establish a business relationship understands that your job is to process the customer calls and screen out the unlike calls. Because the CFO is a very busy job, you’d like to screen deeply your callers with the simple, polite, and professional questions mentioned above.

Services renewal calls could be more pleasant if you knew these inbound call center script examples

This is rather a different approach to customer service that most heads of contact centers neglect with. Every kind of service imaginable could be more pleasant if contact center agents knew how to easily nail them.

It's about the inbound customer calls to the office. For instance, with this purpose: “I’d like to renew my insurance policy for the 12-month period”

The agent informs: “Yes, Mr. Smith, your policy number is: 478-336-212x, is that correct?” 

If the person affirms this, you can say additionally: “Mr. Smith your policy extension for the 12 months will cost you: X $ (X amount in dollars)”. 

Hint: if there’re changes in the insurance policy terms and conditions, you should inform your consumers about it. Why? Because consumers will thank you for it and feel you’re carrying for them. And want not only their money yet to be like a partner in their life. We’re assuring you that it will bring you much more benefits than you think.

And by the way, every time you have something for your callers about the terms and conditions, periods, changings, etc. You should tell them. 

 Too many business relationships screwed up not because of customer service platform quality yet because the agent either forgot or assumed that particular information regarding the user’s account was irrelevant. 

But especially, when the money is involved, you’d better always inform consumers before the entire conversation. For much stronger business relationships.

 As you see, it’s much more easier and pleasant to ask the confirmation question to avoid mistakes and tell a little bit more to your consumers about their accounts. 

Even if you do have not much, a few phrases to the point will be perfect call closing script practices. In this way, you'll maintain high call center quality assurance as well.

Try out a customer service script template for additional sales during the call

You now have the idea that everything written above is about making a step closer to the caller. And once you treat your consumers with respect and professionalism, you achieve the stand-out from the crowd advantage.

This advantage is meant to be utilized in the offer for the additional sale during the current call. 

For instance, if you’re in the insurance business, you’re qualified to inform consumers in the way:

“Mrs. Parker, I want to propose to you the insurance upgrade that guarantees : (Your warranty). Would you like to find out the details?”

And this is the moment when 80% of your customers will like to hear the details because you always were kind and treated them with respect.

As soon as you described the details, even if these details are boring on paper, they’re not boring for the actual call center conversations in the insurance niche. Anyway, they’d like to hear the new options and prices.

Thus treating callers with respect, from the beginning, throughout the relationships, and in moments of contract extending, up-selling, you name it. 

Virtually guarantees you constant and strong business relationships with nearly 80% of your customer service callers. Moreover, you can ask for their email address, preferences, etc.

Calls you prefer to avoid yet you can’t

We name these calls – difficult ones. It’s called when callers whether they’re occasional or VIPs want to escalate calls to the senior person or simply try to offend the agent. 

In situations, when there’s a person who wants to escalate the call to the senior person, sometimes it’s better to do so. For instance, in case of escalation, the senior person can explain the terms and conditions to the caller and let them vent, if necessary.

First things first, your goal is to discover whether this anger is triggered by your or your colleague's failure. Or there’s something on the consumer’s side. 

If you or your colleague made the mistake, just do it in the way: 

“Mr. Chuckles, let’s find the solution that satisfies you”. Or “Mrs. Chuckles we can find the solution on this subject”. 

If you talk this way, you’re disarming the situation by the order of magnitude. And God forbid you to raise your voice or try to bounce back the offensive words towards callers. 

You’ll just make your life more difficult and this is definitely not in your schedule. 

Hint: Remember that every difficult call is easy to disarm and negotiate. Because everything in the world is negotiable, even if the big money is involved. 

Here’s what you do when you are stuck with some kind of difficult call. Hint: this is not about the call center agent scripting software:

Take a piece of paper and write down your contact center script. The way you'd talk if the caller reaches you.

Write down the case of the difficult call. Write every detail: approximate age (Baby boomer, Millenials, etc.), emotional state (aggressive, passive-aggressive, etc.)

Start to write the solution as follows: How to solve the problem with consumers that press…offend agents… trick agents… so on and so forth. Literally, write down your thoughts on the subject. Usually, it brings you to workable solutions, for better customer satisfaction.

The cases when even a perfect contact center script unable to establish the meaningful conversations

As a head of the call center, you should keep in mind that customer service scripts are about the advisory. When an agent reads the contact center script, he or she achieves the ideas for actions. Yet it's a mistake to rely 100% only on the contact center script. What to do?

First of all, hire the kind of people that are motivated to work in a customer service niche. Neither the customer service platform nor the software can solve the problem if you have the wrong people on duty. And here's why.

Because this is a tough job and to think that everyone is qualified is to move astray from reality. Even a perfect agent scripting can't fulfill the job.

Thus, motivation, stress threshold, and experience are the three top qualities you should look at the new employees. And here are other things you need to make as a manager.

Call flow script examples are workable when you establish natural-sounding and design your personal templates. Yet there's one rule you should keep in mind. Your customer service agents have to always be prepared and have the internal knowledge base at hand. And here’s what they must have:

  • The extended knowledge about the product or service. Insist on studying all the necessary materials and specs regarding the services agents deliver.

Remember, each time agents skip the preparation and hit the ground running with actual calls, they stand on the cliff and throw the company’s money away. What's actually happening? - agent scripting just doesn't work in the way it should.

  • The occasional and challenging cases and solutions in the agent scripting. Every employee in a contact center must know the ordinary and unique situations. 

As a result, when the caller has the answer, the agent already has the solution or proper contact center script.

  • The constant practice of agent scripting and finding new ways for solving challenging and occasional cases. Try to find out if there is a way to improve customer loyalty. Hence you or your agents have the opportunity to find better ideas on how to solve particular issues. During the training time, they also polish the natural tone of voice.
  • The understanding of the customer’s needs and human-like treatment mixed with a professional attitude. The significant cause of customer dissatisfaction is that they feel everyone gives a damn about them. And that’s why empathy, politeness, and professionalism are important for great customer relationships. 

 Create the kind of behavior where your agents always walk the extra mile with the customer towards the solution.

We've made the statement above that the call scripts are life rafts for contact center agents. They really allow them to focus on the unique inquiries when there’s little time and a lot of mind work involved.

That’s why the internal knowledge base is ultra-critical. Because if the agent is prepared, the scripts work perfectly. The opposite negative effect is when agents lack knowledge about the product or service, and consequently, they make a weak appeal to consumers.

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