Smoking-Gun Call Center Scripts That Guarantee Big Results

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What is the way to provide a positive customer experience? Training your call center agents? Automation of processes? Yes, but you can't do that without using great call center scripts that will help your agents - and we will provide you with some best call center scripts.

In this issue regarding scripts for customer service call you’ll discover:

  • How to create your own customer service call script; 
  • How to organize your call center agent scripts in a logical sequence?
  • What do call center scripts look like?
  • Best practices and call center scripts that have a winning record in inbound and outbound calls;
  • How to properly conduct cross-selling and other kinds of call center agent scripts? And many more.

The “gurus” say that sales and customer service call center teams, in any company in the world, are motivated by only two fears – failure of selling a product and failure to solve a problem. Well, that’s not true. 

We’ve seen another great quality of the call customer service teams shaping agents’ attitudes towards benefits for both companies and customers. And that’s professional work – the kind of A-class performance – of the sales or customer service teams.

We invite you to see how exactly professional agents are sound. And will show you the scripts that have proven to be “smoking gun” records for the bigger results, year in and year out. Let’s get to it.   

The Statista Research: Communication channels preferred to contact customer service, by country 

What are the customer service scripts and takeaways?

The customer service scripts are one of the most effective supplementary tools for customer service reps teams. So when agents take dozens of calls each day and their minds are literally bombarded by the hundreds of ways to solve the same customer issue – there’s have to be an effective tool to structure their thoughts and decisions.

And here where the customer service scripts accurately appear in front of the eyes of the customer support agents and are providing relief and pausing the reinvention of the wheel over and over again. 

What is effective customer service scripting? Whether there are common or challenging calls, your contact center agents can always rely on call scripts for customer service, when necessary. By the way, as same you are using call scripts for talking, use them in your chat scripts – good scripts performs in both situation equally successfully.

What exactly customer service scripts are doing for your agents?

First things first. And let’s face it: your contact center agents either from customer service or sales teams are stopping to reinvent the wheel. Don’t get us wrong. Creativity during customer interactions is a great thing to do. And in some cases even necessary. 

But it's ineffective to be creative every single time – when the same common customer issue arousing. If agents strive or are forced to discover a new way to tackle the same request, sooner or later, they are likely to get themselves in the trouble.

But don't worry. Leave the creativity for good and proper situations, for those instances you have to deal with difficult customers. For all other cases, in which there’s zero chance to succeed but to improvise based on the real data and proven call center scripts. 

Doing so will save you a lot of time, money, and energy. In addition, you will improve customer experience and increase effectiveness for all responses to customers.

Call center scripts guarantee fuller control over the calling workflow

And all contact center managers must know how exactly these calling scripts are working in the real world. Here’s how customer service scripts are working. 

In case, your customer service representative receives a call – they rapidly find the proper words in a script from your call customer service software database. 

Naturally, your agents control the calling workflow because of the knowledge of what, when, and how to negotiate as professionals, in each particular case. And whether you are in sales or customer support – control over the entire conversation is the prime goal, for predictable success.

Saving time and money now easy because of the customer service scripts

The most precious resource today isn’t money! It’s time. Thus, with the right call scripts – your staff is able to decrease the time of the conversation to the necessary minimum. 

Customer service representative clearly sees, hears, and understands what is going on with the current customer issue. So, there’s a minimum time for talking about most of the ordinary customer’s questions and issues. 

Under the condition of dozens of calls that could incoming in a short period of time due to telemarketing campaigns, advertising, commercial, and season, you name it. The right calling script or chat script is one of the first tools to reduce your staff’s headaches and escalations from angry customers.

Talk to only solve issues but to predict your agent’s workload

You are eager to save time because equally, you save money! Thus, in such a way – the prospect or customer wishes their requests processed faster and with ease. Result? The faster and smoother you’ll handle each call – the more money you are making. 

A fast resolution via customer service scripts for each particular issue is a winning approach to customer service. Besides, call center scripts are easy to create and upload to your database, so we urge you to use the call center software. So we urge you to arm your agents with the scripts every time you can. 

Finally, the key benefit is that they are eliminating the mistake of reinventing the wheel by your agents over and over again. What’s more, your reps team will thank you as well as the customers which achieves perfect customer satisfaction. 

Now agents aren’t likely to burn out!

Spare agents’ mental and physical health for fuller productivity through the customer service scripts tool which they will use with pleasure. Most agents today are under constant-growing pressure because of the increasing inbound calling flows from potential customers and regular buyers. And customers are more stressed which means they have ballooned demands for their requests. 

To assist your customers to achieve the desired results – without the possibility of aggravation or escalation – call center scripts to serve as a tool for not 1 but 2 dedicated goals in one solution. 

Once you use the call center software and think carefully about each of the scripts, you are providing your agents with extra stress relief. That’s why they are unlikely to get burned. 

Keep high standards in your outbound campaigns for the big results 

The Gallup Research

Haven’t we talked about the results from the right call center’s scripts? Here they are. Once you assemble your contact center with the workable call center scripts – your results will grow steadily. There are no questions about it. And that’s working in this fairly way: 

  • Your agent is confident and knows what and when to provide customers with the relevant information;
  • On every customer’s question, your agents will answer with sound and clarity;
  • Because of the structural calling scripts – agents are easily handling with the large calling volume by putting in little effort;
  • Because of the prepared and well-versed scripts – agents handle customer’s issues with professionalism, ethics, and marksman’ accuracy.

Thus your outbound campaigns always offset your efforts – that’s the prime goal of every call center. And all this is easy because of the right call center scripts.

Make your internal knowledge base rich with the help of these 5 crucial steps

Try not to be to reinvent the wheel while your agents are working during the shift. Skipping proven customer service scripts and giving preference to creativity is likely to be punished by prospects and customers. The research and studies show that if you would skip the logical sequence of the proper telephone conversation – your agents are likely to fail. 

Quite different results you achieve in condition reps are using the customer service scripts in a logical sequence. These customer service scripts are equally effective during the real talks and customer service training sessions.

Here are the main stages of the telephone conversation, and chat session, in a logical sequence:

#1. Always used in customer service scripts the professional: greeting and identification. Here’s the example that works for both outbound and inbound calls: (Good day, this is Rebeca (your agent’s name));

#2. Start with the small talk or right to the issue during the outbound call: “How are you?” or “Can I speak with William please?”. Or use this customer service scripts intro during the inbound call: “How may I help you?”. It’s also better to have information about the name, previous history, and other relevant info about a customer in your database. By the way, most of the successful call centers often have the customer's info in their databases;

#3. Now, in this part of the effective customer service scripts, it’s important to explain the purpose of the call during the outbound call or when you are receiving a call: “I’m calling about the product’s issue which we have resolved”. Or “Could you tell me what is happening with your product/service …(place your issue)”

#4. Action stage. You are using customer service scripts to provide concrete steps so here’s how it could look in your case: “We will process your request in 5 minutes”. Or like this: “I’ll drop the email with the order details to your email box”. 

#5. Conclusion. “Thank you for your call Mrs. Williams, and we hope to hear from you soon” or “Thank you for your call, if there’s anything you need, just call us back!”

As you see, customer service scripts produce relevant results under the logical sequence structure. We highly recommend you follow all 5 stages of the conversation listed above so your results from the customer service scripts offset your efforts every time you receive or give a call.

By the way, if you’d like to use customer service scripts for training purposes, feel free to do it now. After all, soon you’ll be able to build your own scripts based on the logical sequence you just have read.

Here’s how you stop reinventing the wheel with the proven call center scripts examples

So let’s go right to the relevant call center scripts you must must-have in your call center. Based on them, you’ll easily make your own creative scripts – if you want them. But these scripts are proven in results so let’s just show you what they are all about. 

The greeting call center scripts example

The first impression is very important in every call center. So make your first effort with the proven script for a call center – perfect. Remember, but do not overwhelm yourself with this information. All you are inbound calling calls consist of two sections. 

You are greeting and identifying yourself. You need to pick one example of greeting words (Hello, Hi, Good morning, Good afternoon, etc.), and use it in the script. 

Here’s the greeting script when you are receiving a call: 

"Hello, you are calling the technical service of IBM company (your company name), my name is Rebeca, how may (can) I help you today?" 

This is the script for the case you achieve a call from a prospect the name of which you don’t know yet. 

If a person wants to reach the specific person in your call center or company. But it’s impossible to do it right now. So use in your customer service scripts this phrase: 

“Could I help you?”

Here’s the greeting script for your customer – the name of which you already know: 

"Good day Mr. Miller, you are calling the technical service of IBM (your company), I’m Rebeca, how may (can) I help you today?" 

Both of these scripts listed above are sounding professional, with the only difference being that the second calling script has the name of the customer. So if you have in your call center software the option to identify callers by their name – you need to use it in greetings.  

One of the most powerful call center scripts example for finding the reason for a call

Prospects and consumers have their own purposes during calling your call center. And here are a few customer service scripts to discover this cause: 

“Please tell me exactly what is happening with your internet/vehicle/pipe/application, (place yours)”. 

In case, a person has a habit to speak very fast:

“Please could you talk a little bit slower?" 

The purpose of this script is to accurately identify the problem, within one call, and to build up the solution based on this information. Perhaps it takes a little bit more time than you ask just what happened and achieves the same – a blurred explanation, which gives you little or no information at all. 

Remember: It’s better to ask one (or 2 times if necessary) and achieve the full picture than to achieve a few more further calls due to unresolved solutions.

Important call center scripts example for refusing without arousing aggravation of customers

The key takeaway for each script for a call center is to be able to maintain the commitment to a professional attitude towards the case. And to settle particular business relationships with a caller. 

Here’s how your sample scripts look in this case: 

“Mrs. Miller, we can’t process your request right now because (your cause)”. 

“But we’ll able to do it in the (place the period when you’ll able to do it)”

As you see the purpose of the current script is to show the cause of why you are unable to satisfy callers’ requests. And to show the solution, which is in this case, the period when you will do it. 

Call center scripts example for the finding excuse or saying sorry

Despite this fact, consumers are hesitant to “excuses”, of any kind, especially, when money is involved in business relationships. Still, it’s possible to pinpoint your company’s policy in a firm and professional way. 

Here’s how you may use a script for customer service in your contact center. 

“Mr. Kudlow, we are sorry for the inconvenience.” 

The next part is you are saying the reason or “possible reason of why that happened”. For instance: 

“We have dedicated steps that in most cases work every time, and it looks like in your case one of the steps was skipped by the mistake”

And then: 

“We apologize for the mixup, your request will be processed (in 24 hours, or write your example) and we hope to see you back soon”. “If you need to get in touch with us again, please call the number (phone number) for a prompt response or file a report through email (your email address), social media (your page), etc”.

Do you see how it’s easy to solve particular kinds of calls? Remember - You not just saying: “We’re sorry, bye, bye” – no because that’s the surest way to lose your prospect or customer forever, plus to achieve the boatload of negative feedback and messages across the social networks. 

If you are not aware, some companies each year are fined because of the violation of the FTC (for the US) and similar agencies regulation agencies. So you need neither of these consequences. 

It’s the excuse in the professional way, where you admit your mistake, you describe the cause of why that happened, and you show the solution period of time. 

If companies would use this example as an apology every time they’ve committed a mistake. We would see billions of dollars in additional business relationships because of the happy customers, year in and year out.

The thank you call center scripts example

The thank you script is very important. Unfortunately, many call center policies hesitate with it. Here’s how to do it right. 

“Mrs. Franklin, thank you for choosing our company. We appreciate every customer so we want to keep in touch with you in case you have a question for us. If you don’t mind we’ll contact you back soon to check whether is everything OK"

That script sounds friendly, firm, and professional, with the regard to the customer’s intelligence and person. Unfortunately, too many companies stop serving people in a professional sense and become arrogant. The problem with these arrogant-like attitudes is that they presume consumers must be “honored” to have a business with them. 

Even in cases, when these companies owe better goods and services. And as a result, people quit, start looking for new brands, and in the end, find brands with professional-like attitudes.

The call center scripts example for putting callers on hold

Frequently you need to put on hold your caller to solve the issue. It’s better to do it in a polite way. So here’s how you go: 

“Mrs. Wiilliams, we need 1 minute of time to process your request. Could I put you on hold for faster service?”

Here you need to wait for the customer’s reply which is in 95% of cases “Yes”. 

If a consumer insists on the solution right now and you can make a favor to not put him on hold – do it. On the other hand, you are unable to put them on hold without putting the caller in the queue to negotiate until you convince your customer. 

You may use firm and positive scripting such as: 

“But Mrs. Williams, we are unable to serve you during the phone conversation because I need to make a few requests on my desktop. It will not take a lot of time, I promise”

In nearly all cases, consumers are willing to cooperate.

Here's the call center scripts example for the call transfer for your colleagues

Do you want to know what people are thinking about the call transfers? That’s the most unpleasant moment for every caller – for sure. Yet it’s necessary, depending on the situation, to perform such actions as call transfers, whether customers like it or not. To reduce or even eliminate cases with frustrated customers, you can and must transfer calls, as necessary. 

Here’s how you can convince the customer to cooperate with you in this case: 

“Mr. Michael, I understand your request yet I need to transfer your call to my colleague with the (technical, sales, customer support, and legal, write your example) expertise, I promise you that it would be 1 transfer and my colleague will solve it promptly”.

Watch and use this call center scripts example for resolving a conflict situations

You must have scripts to resolve conflict situations with frustrated or angry customers because that’s the case for your call center from time to time. Here’s how to do it promptly:

“Mrs. Williams we do apologize for our colleague's behavior, please tell me what’s the case?” 

In this first part of the conversation, you apologize for the situation because you need to find out the case based on the agent’s and customer’s words. 

Of course, with the call center software, you are able to record these conversations and later on listen to them to understand the full picture. But in this case, you take slightly the customer’s side to prevent further escalation, shouting, aggravation, etc. 

After all, you need the result – to disarm and solve a situation, not the aggravation and escalation. 

The call center scripts example for a small talk

The purpose of the small talk is to make feel your prospect/customer at ease. In other words, you need to make this moment of the conversation – pleasant for them. So they would be delighted to your questions. So what you need to do it successfully, you need to know what your prospect/customer is liking. 

For instance, If they are like sports, for instance, if you are selling sports equipment, you can ask: 

“Mr. James, may I ask how your training is going?”

Use positive scripting in the small talking. 

Then you can ask another question – transition to the next small-talk question. 

“If I may ask you are training for your health or perhaps you want to achieve greater results in the sport?” 

The purpose is to keep it going and don’t stop. Remember to listen carefully to your callers to understand what they like and to make your small-talk scripts effective.

How to use the call center scripts example to conduct the cross-selling

To create the winning proposition in your cross-selling call center scripts example, you need a few things to know. 

Your chances for success increase each time you have information about the customer’s name, address, phone number, previous purchase, the date they conducted the purchase, and sales support materials for your agents. 

Use the positive scripting in your cross-selling scripts to increase customer retention. And as always that’s happened only when you know the market, the audience, and the person you are addressing to. The more you have this info, the better you are succeeding in cross-selling.

Here’s how you are creating positive scripting in this case: 

“Mrs. Johnson, would you like to purchase the supplementary accessory for your kitchen? Today we are offering it with a discount of up to 30% but in a week customers will pay the full price”

Here's another example: 

“Mrs. James, we see you have purchased the accessories for your Ford a month ago, would you like to achieve an additional item which is priced at 99$?”

As you see the info is used in the script. 

Here’s how to properly use the script for collecting feedback

It’s much easier to ask for feedback if your customer is feeling good about your company. If you deliver perfect goods and services, you easily can ask for verbal or even written feedback. 

So here’s how you do it: 

"Mr. Miller, how you would elevate our goods/services on the rating scale from 0 to 5?”, or “Is there something we can improve in order to make our goods/services much better for you?” and “Please tell me how you'd like to see, the perfect customer relationships with our company?”

Bonus powerful advice you will surely use in your call center once in a while

First of all, don’t let a “no” knock your confidence. Yes, you are talking with people and you presume you must be perfect linguistically to succeed. Well, no one is perfect in anything – you must remember it. 

So be professional and confident when talking with people. And by the day-by-day perfecting of your English, you will sound perfectly during your inbound or outbound calls. By the way, perhaps you don’t know it but the mother tongue speakers are not talking perfectly. Experienced call center managers – know it! 

Remain in control and survival phrases when you are in trouble

“Mr. Kudlow, could I call you back in 5 (10, 30), minutes, please?”

May I call you back in 30 minutes (a day, a week)? Remember to commit to what you just asked! If you don’t give the call in the period you just said – you’ll be considered an unreliable person. 

That’s now what you want to see in your contact center because the competition will destroy you sooner or later.

“Could you send me an email, please? And I will reply to you in an hour”

If you don’t understand what the person is saying, you made all attempts to understand but you still do not succeed. You can ask them to write you an email. Here you are asking to send an email. And then you are making a commitment of when you will reply.

“Please could you speak a little slower”? 

Often people are in the rush or perhaps they have this “habit” and they don’t understand anything. So this is the way to ask politely and through positive language to slow down the pace of the customer’s speech. 

Remember: Keep in your mind, especially while you are making your call center scripting: the caller often speaks slower for a limited time (1 minute or so). So if you have to ask again and say again – do it. And if you have to do it – 3 times in a row, just do it. Because if you don’t understand what the caller is saying – you’ll drop them when you have to perform. And they will not thank you for a failure afterward!

How to achieve the call scripts in your call center today?

You’ve just read about Voiptime Cloud’s issue with effective call center scripting examples. And whether you are working on your telephone scripts, chat scripts, or the logical structure of chat sessions, you will achieve big results if you are following the advice listed above. It’s easy to build your own scripts once you’ll figure out how the professional standard model is working. 

Remember if you see that the old script performs better than the new one – go back to the old one. Later on, you will improve the script, if necessary. 

By the way, the Voiptime Cloud furnishes small and mid-sized call centers with cutting-edge call center software for better productivity and top results. 

In short, this software allows you to start your own call center within 48 hours. All our call center has the option to conduct outbound global-reach calls. And receive inbound calls from any part of the world. If you are interested, just give us a call or contact with via chat.

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