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Have you ever thought of how to handle hundreds of calls each day and keep the effectiveness, productivity, and quality of your service on the same level? If we take into consideration that each customer is a unique person with their own communication style, preferences, and opinion of what should ideal personal customer service look like, we will understand that no agent in the world can deal with a such number of conversations without support. But what is this support?  The thing that is developed to help operators handle massive numbers of customer calls is called customer service scripts. Yes, using a customer service script sample means a bit of a lack of flexibility. Still, the key purpose is to provide operators with enough information and guidelines to make each conversation flow in the right direction.  Nonetheless, many customers still claim that operators sound too robotic. This creates many problems - customers feel disrespected, customer satisfaction falls down, and customer churn rises. Anyhow, these factors don’t prove that customer service scripts are bad - they can be badly designed and used, and that’s why they cause poor experience.  Thus, our today’s goal is to answer the following questions: what is the call center script? How to design effective customer service scripts? How to make call center scripts for agents to help workers provide excellent customer service? What are the call center script best practices? What are mock call scripts, call closing script, call center scripting software, call center verification script, customer service call back script, call center agent scripting software, and so on.  And, despite answering these questions, we will provide you with some really working and efficient call center scripts examples, with each call center scripts example for all actual call center conversations that can face your agents. So, let’s go! Have you ever wondered why are call centers always hiring? What does the call center hiring process look like? How to reach the call center easy hiring process? Where to find professional agents for hire? Why is hiring a call center agent a challenging task?  Let’s answer all the questions in this guide.

What is the definition of customer service scripts? 

Customer service scripts are the templates of conversations that include the guidelines to be followed by agents to make the conversation flow in the appropriate direction. Call center scripts can be used during both inbound calls and outbound calls, chat session, or in messengers. In short, it is a document that includes a greeting message, potential answers to customer questions, overcoming objections(for example, in sales call center script), and all needed phrases for potential customers’ interactions, such as on-hold putting, call transfer, or call escalation. Therefore, the call center script is the thing that contains all items that agents have to say during conversations and all pieces of advice to help keep customers satisfied and delighted with the customer service. The same thing is with the sale call center script - it contains all phrases and recommendations for agents to boost the chance of successfully closing a sale. 

As you could guess, there are numerous variations of call center scripts examples. Each call center script template is designed to help agents in each actual situation - sales calls assist in boosting the number of sales, inbound call center script examples serve to provide customer service, call closing call center script can help to close the interaction with a client, and so on. Thus, an effective call center script has to cover two main aspects: ease agents’ work and increase customer satisfaction to provide a more adorable customer experience. We all understand that agents are human beings, and they just can’t know and handle all potential issues that may face customers. Customer service scripts are a kind of automation for processing customers, as they contain everything that agents might need during conversation to handle the problem in appropriate time frames and with the expected customer service level of quality. 

What are the benefits of using a call center script? 

Call center script is the instrument that is generally used and accepted across the industry for many years. Actually, there are some people who still keep avoiding customer service scripts, but in this case, they also avoid the benefits that are offered by them.

The same level of service across channels: all agents use customer service scripts, so you can have no worries that some of them won’t be able to provide the service in accordance with the SLA rules and brand standards.

Easier onboarding process: new hires need something more than theory to handle real issues, and customer service scripts are the hitch. 

No problems with routine issues: customer service scripts help to keep the quality of service and customer satisfaction at the same level in the case of most routine customer inquiries - when a person calls to confirm a purchase, it is no trouble to handle this call with the help of customer service scripts - even if it’s the agent’s first customer service issue in his entire life. 

Faster average handling time: customer service scripts are also designed to eliminate any unnecessary delays and time losses - so most customer issues will be processed faster.

More agent satisfaction: agents aren’t paid that much to act as real gods of customer service, and there are a few people on the Earth who can think up a unique approach to each customer, especially in a limited time frame. Thus, customer service scripts do the work for them. 

Really efficient call center scripts examples for every possible occurrence

As we have promised, we will show you some call center scripts examples to handle every aspect of customer conversations. And yes, keeping promises is a vital part of customer service too. 

Call center scripts example for greetings

You have to treat your customers, and in most cases they want you to address them by name - it is the crucial part of customer service personalization and improvement, but even most successful businesses sometimes meet customers who come from nowhere and don’t leave their personal data on any channel that is used. By the way, it is never too late to ask customer’s name.

“Hi, Josh! Nice to hear from you today! How can I help you?”

“Hi, Melony! What made you decide to call me? Do you need some assistance?”

“Hi! How can I address you?... I’m happy to welcome you with your first experience with our company! I’ll do my best to make you love it and come back for new ones!”

If these call center script openings sound too empathetic for you, remember what we have said earlier - no one wants to talk to robots, they are boring and they can’t replace human agents. As well as human agents don’t need to try to replace robots - so use these call center script openings to find the balance. 

Call center scripts examples for thanking

You have to thank your customers, and as often as possible. They are also facing effort and trouble when using your products or trying to solve their problems via the customer support team. Trust us, it is an effortful task. 

“I thank you for your effort and time spent on identifying and bringing this issue to us. Now it is my duty to resolve it as fast as possible”

“As I understand how frustrating it was for you to meet this problem, I honestly thank you for showing it to me. I’ll come beyond and above to solve it for you in…”

A great idea is not only to thank you, but to come back to a such customer with a pleasant follow-up gift, like a 10% discount for the next order, or free shipping. 

Call center scripts examples for asking for additional info 

Every agent almost in every dialogue with a customer asks for more information, as it is impossible to process complex customer queries having only a short description. 

“To solve this problem in the nearest time, I need to ask you a few more questions. Please, allocate me a couple of minutes. When have you noticed this problem for the first time? Have you tried to solve it on your own? Have there been any changes to the problem?”

“I need to kindly ask you to spend a few more minutes on me. Can you tell me the purchase ID and your account number?”

“I have also faced similar problems with my own purchases, so I know how disgusting it is. But to solve the problem faster, we have to identify the root cause, so can you please answer a few additional questions?”

“To get a deeper understanding of the issue, please just tell me the whole story of it”

Call center scripts examples of asking clients to fill out some forms

We all know how much documentation customers have to fill out in some cases, and do you know what? They hate it. But as we can’t get rid of forms, let’s discover how to provide them gentler- with the help of customer service scripts. 

“I don’t want to waste even a second of your time, but this form has to be filled out to improve the resolution time and quality of the service - it is the rule set up by regulations. Tell me the most preferred channel where I can share it with you”

“Our technical department asks customers to fill out these forms because they can’t take the ticket to work until the form isn’t filled up. Please, allocate some time, it won’t take more than a minute”

Customers have to understand why you ask them to fill out something, and the old-but-gold explanation “It’s vital to improve our service” doesn’t work anymore. 

Call center scripts examples for transferring calls

Even though call transfers are in the top 5 reasons for people to hate your call center, they still happen - and they will do. Thus, you have to know what to say in these situations to eliminate customer dissatisfaction.

“Hi! I’ve put your request into the base, so it’s in progress. However, to save you time and solve the issue faster, I would ask your permission to link you with the technical department - I’m not specialized in such issues, so I can’t offer you the perfect solution and level of service you deserve” 

“Hi! I’ve sent your issue to the appropriate department because you called the wrong one. Nonetheless, it’s our bad that you couldn’t find the right phone number on the first try - we’ll fix it in a couple of days. Excuse us again, and wait a sec - I’m connecting you to the best agent we have”

Call center scripts examples for on-hold

Another thing to be aware of. Customers hate being put on hold, and your goal is to reduce the number of such situations. Though there are some cases when it is impossible to avoid pouting clients on hold, and you need something to deal with it. At least, keep customers from dropping a call. 

“Dear John, I need to contact another department to get your problem resolved. It requires me to put you on hold. Can I do it?”

“Dear Ann, I have to put you on hold to gather information about your issue resolution from another specialist. Please, wait for me for 30-40 seconds. I won’t be late” 

This is the part where promise-keeping is vital. If your agent says he will be back in half a minute, he has to be back in 25 secs. 

Call center scripts examples for excusing

Every business makes mistakes, and every customer has experienced a situation where the brand has to justify itself. And the goal is to apologize sincerely - or at least to pretend so. 

‘Hi Jerry, I’m really sorry that you have experienced it. We will fix everything and I can guarantee you that such an inadmissible situation will never happen again”

“Hi, Maria! First of all, I want to apologize for that inconvenience. We do our best to eliminate the problem and want you to forgive us for this unpleasant experience”

Call center scripts example for empathetic conversation

Empathy is a skill, and it can bring excellent outcomes. Empathetic customer service representatives can improve customer satisfaction, extinguish conflicts, overcome objections, and build customer loyalty. Here are some customer service scripts to sound more empathetic. 

“I have also had the same issue, and it has been really frustrating. But the fact is the company has resolved it and sent me a discount voucher, so we can try to do the same trick with you!”

“Aren’t you purchasing this feed for your cat? I ask because I also have a cat, and he also likes those candies - he even tries to steal them from the bag! I can offer a small pack for you, just try it”

Call center scripts example for refusing 

By the way, this is the most difficult moment for almost everyone. Saying “no” to a person who brings you money is difficult. Anyhow, there are situations where customer demands are unrealistic or unreasonable, so the refusal is justified. Though, it is vital to be tactful and say “no” in an appropriate way - to save the image and don’t let the customer any proofs to call your service unfair. 

“I’m sorry that you have met this problem, but the fact is we can’t process your request at this moment - due to internal regulations the problem you’ve faced isn’t the reason for a full refund, but we can offer some other ways to keep you confident that your interests are our biggest priority”

“I want to apologize for the issue you have noticed, but the way you ask us to resolve it is impossible because of objective circumstances. Anyhow, we can discuss other options to eliminate the negative consequences caused by the issue”

By the way, you can say no in a more categorical manner - the purpose is to leave customers without arguments to share negative feedback about your service, and the main purpose is to restore customer satisfaction. 

Call center scripts example for angry customers

Every business faces angry customers. They’re always difficult to process, as well as their point of view is sometimes too categorical to let them hear what customer support representatives are saying to them. However, it is important to know how to extinguish conflicts and overplay such situations in your favor. 

“I know how you feel in this situation and such a valuable customer for us shouldn't have faced such a disgusting problem. Just allocate another couple of minutes and your issue will be completely resolved” 

“Your emotions are understandable and fair in this situation. We are sorry that you’ve met this troublesome situation, but as you’re our valued customer, we are doing our best to solve the concern in the nearest time”

“I’ve already informed the manager and technical department about your concern. They’re not only informed of the issue, but they put maximum effort to make it resolved. Sorry for making you wait, but we are going beyond and above to make you satisfied with the resolution”

Call center scripts example for follow-ups

Follow-up calls or email templates are the tools you just can’t ignore in modern reality, where the customer journey is the path where more customer interactions are the key to prolonging customer lifecycle and customer lifetime value. Additionally, customer follow-ups are a great way to improve customer experience and customer loyalty, so if you want to get more loyal customers, try to talk to them more often - and without the goal to sell anything during each interaction. 

“Hi! I’m contacting you to congratulate you on your first purchase from us and make sure that you are satisfied with your buy. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me personally via this email address or via live chat session on our website”

‘Hello! I’ve noticed that you have contacted our customer service team with a request {number/purpose}. Is your issue totally resolved? Do you need any extra help? Please, contact me back to let me feel confident that you are alright and no issues are making you upset”

‘Hi! I’ve discovered that you have been in touch with the customer support department. Have you enjoyed this experience? Please let me know your feedback and if is there anything I can help you with”

Call center scripts example for up-selling

You do want to sell more, don’t you? And there are many occasions when up-selling is expedient and easy to hook the customer. Though, you need an effective call center script for it, as most, not only difficult customers don’t like to notice you selling an additional product to them. How to go through the blade of a knife? Just use the right call center script templates. 

“Hi! I’ve noticed your interest in this car. Just let me ask - are you looking for a towing capacity of over 5000 pounds? If yes, then you should buy those tires - they’re offering ideal traction on the road and it’s a Japanese manufacturer, so the quality is better than you can expect. Moreover, they’re discounted if purchased with this model as an option, so I think it’s a great offer -their price on the retail market is over 700$ plus shipping, and we can offer 550$ and no delays”

“Hi! I’m congratulating you on your first order of our clothes, that jacket you bought is really great. Would you like to get a hoodie as an additional product? I can offer a 25% discount, but I must say that we have a limited number of them - the color is fantastic, and do you know what? It perfectly fits your new jacket as it is from the same look!” 

Call center scripts example for reminding customers

You surely know the situations where reminding customers is a great way to not only show your care and the level of service but the way to close the deal. For instance, some customers look for a product, and fill out their data, but don’t pay for it - and it just lies in the bag. What is the best way to make them close the purchase? Come to them and remind them about it without any salesy language in your message.

“Hi, Jannet! I’ve glimpsed that you’ve not completed the purchase yet and the order is half-finished. Have you faced some issues with it? I would be glad to help you”

“Hi, Mishel! I’ve seen that your order is already all set and it will be ready to be taken in two days. It’s my pleasure to remind you of it and make sure that you have no issues with the order”

Call center scripts example for having no answer to customer’s inquiry

Agents sometimes have no idea of what customers ask them, and this relates mostly to high-tech industries where a perfect knowledge of the product can be achieved only after years of practice and experience, and college degree as well. By the way, you can’t hire such professionals as customer service reps - both because they’d never accept it and you don’t have such a budget for it, and finally, it’s unreasonable. Moreover, there are no customer service scripts that could cover all potential customer inquiries or complaints. 

Thus, you need some customer service scripts to eliminate this issue and help agents deal with such questions. 

“Hi, William! I thank you for contacting us and bringing the issue to our attention, but I can’t provide you with irrelevant or imprecise information about your issue as I’m not a pro in this field. To make your issue resolution faster and more efficient, can I ask your permission to link you to our high-class specialist from a technical department? Thanks for your patience”

“Hi, Jenny! I have processed your issue via our internal knowledge base and it seems to be under the responsibility and jurisdiction of our IT department. Would you be kind enough to let me connect you with a professional from this department?”

Call center scripts example for a total refund

Sometimes the situation is coming to the refund. Yes, it is not great for business when a customer wants to take money back, because it is not a big drama from a financial point of view, but such customers rarely return. Thus, offering a refund may create customer satisfaction and exceed customer expectations, not just give money back. The creative approach is the hitch in this case. Take into account that most countries have laws that allow customers to return products if they don’t meet advertised characteristics or don’t fit customers - like with the size of clothes. 

“Hi, Ben! It really upsets me that those headphones don’t connect to your laptop. As I see, such a feature has been listed by a manufacturer, but the fact is it doesn’t work. I have an offer for you - I can send you a discounted headphone set from a more respectful company, and I bet they’ll work exactly as you expected. The shipping would also be free. Anyhow, we can start processing your refund now if the offer is irrelevant to you”

“Hi, Jamie! Sorry for the fact that shoes don’t fit your size, some manufacturers step apart from international standards. Do you want to get a pair of bigger sizes with free shipping? You’ll be able to compare both, it is no need to return the previous pair before you’ll make a final decision. If both are bad, the refund will be processed immediately”

Call center scripts example if a customer asks for a discount

There are situations where customers just come and say “I want a discount on this position”. What to do? Yes, agents can’t make decisions about discounts without permission from the sales team or from higher management. But you should have call scripts for customer service that can cover such situations - surely, following the internal compliance and other rules that are set in the company. 

“Hi, Jeffrey! I understand your request, and I know that you don’t need to pay for a carwash a full price if you need to clean it outside. The price of a full wash is 15$, and we can offer an outside wash for 7,5$ if it’s interesting for you”

Surely, not all businesses can offer such discounts because of the nature of the service they provide. Therefore, here is a more universal customer service script template.

“Hi! I understand the logic of your appeal, but we don’t offer discounts at this moment. I can provide you with a list of up-to-date discounted offers or you can get an after-purchase promo code for a next buy”

Customer service scripts for canceling the subscription/end of the customer journey

Yes, such occasions happen. People lose the need for your service, find more appropriate vendors, change their job of business, and so on. The fact of losing a customer can be frustrating, but all relationships end at some moment. However, you still need some call center script best practices for such occurrences. 

“Hi, Jeb. I will help you to cancel your subscription but could you please say what is the reason for such a decision? We value our customers, and your opinion is important for us to become better”

“Hi, Monica! As you are going to cancel your subscription, please tell me, what has convinced you to do it? Maybe you have faced bad service or whatever? We need this data to serve our customers better”

Call center scripts example for ending a conversation

Finally, every conversation ends. And you have to know how to end it in the best way for both the agent and the customer. Customer service scripts for ending a customer conversation can help you to finish each dialogue with positive emotions only. 

‘Thanks for contacting us! It was a pleasure speaking with you, feel free to reach out to us again!”

“Hope you enjoyed our conversation and its outcomes. We do our best to make your customer experience effortless and issue-free. Anyhow, if you have any, come in touch with us and we’ll solve everything for you!”

Another time we’ll repeat - stay empathetic with the clients, and they’ll answer the same. Customer service scripts are the best tool to help customer service agents keep talking with empathy. 

What does the customer service script template look like? 

By the way, the phrases we have included in this article are just pieces of call center script templates. The key goal is to comprehend how the call center scripting work in call center scripting software, including customer service call script, customer call script for sales, customer call script for up-sales, and other types of call center scripting. Call center script best practices to tell us that contact center script has to cover various potential flows. A perfect contact center script has to never sound robotic and provide agents with all needed varieties of actions or sayings to avoid angry customers or frustrated customers - don’t know what’s worse. 

That’s how the contact center script looks like exactly in the agent scripting tab. Let’s use a sample financial(banking) contact center script:

Hi, Mr.Bennet. My name is Alisa, how can I assist you today?

Here you can use various sayings to greet the client. If customers are in the base, they should be greeted by name. If not, the agent should ask for the name and note it. 

Now actively listen to the customer to identify the purpose of a call. Anyhow, if the customer is in the base, an agent should open his client card. 

As I get, you want to send a money transfer. Do you need additional information about fees? 

  • Yes > For payments below 1000$, you pay 1,5% of the total amount. 
  • No>Ok, I need you to verify the transaction. 

Do you want to get a verification code via SMS or via phone call?

  • SMS > Please, verify via the link. 
  • Call > Please, wait take the phone +(1) …… to verify. 

Great. As I can see, the transaction is successful. The money are en route, the recipient will get them in the next few minutes. Can I help you with anything else? 

  • Yes>What is the issue? 
  • No>I’m happy to hear all is alright! If you have any questions, contact us anytime you need. If you please, answer to the automatic survey when the call will end - it won’t take more than a minute. 

It is a very simple customer service call script that shows how contact center script works in real conditions and how it looks like in the agent scripting tool. As it works with the financial industry, with other industries agent scripting works the same. 

Call center script best practices are focused on achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty in addition to easier agents’ work and higher efficiency. A perfect customer service call script should be designed based on your target audience preferences, business requirements, internal compliance, and SLA. 


Сall center script best practices are impossible to be implemented without the right call center software tool, such as cloud-based contact center solution. This customer service will include the following features: call center script best practices to design, edit, and fill out the script, call center recording and monitoring features to control and help operators, outbound dialers for cold calls to get the most of your script, cold calls campaigns management, customer service training tools, call center reporting and stats, workforce management tools, intelligent call routing, IVR system, ACD solution, call queue management tools, and so on.

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