Call Barging: Benefits

Every contact center requires tools to control, monitor, and fix agents' activity during accomplishing work processes. As most contact center operations are about calls or other communication types, it is vital to bear an option to come up with assistance and support if agents can not solve customer issues on their own or the situation is going out of control. 

High call volume may lead to lower customer satisfaction and an inability to fit client expectations and needs, so call center managers have to get control features to fix any unexpected problems and keep overall service quality on the required level. 

So what is the call barging software, call barging meaning, and how does it used in call center operations? Why is this option irreplaceable for any department? What benefits does it offer to you? 

Let’s deal with the task and learn all about call barging. 

Call barging definition

Call barging is one of the three types of call monitoring, but it works differently from call whispering and recording. Call barging is the function that allows you to step into the conversation between client and operator, and talk with both of them as it is in a conference call. 

Thanks to this option, you can cover many potential business needs, from improving customer experience to coaching an agent on how to provide client service. This feature is the strongest thing to avoid call escalations, as you join the call exactly at the moment when the customer may decide to ask for escalation. 

To comprehend the dissimilarity between the call barge option and its “brothers”, let’s say that call recording and whispering have a bit distinct goals and models of operating. 

Call recording allows recording the live call to use as a sample in future training sessions or to show the agents their imperfections and areas for improvement. Call whispering is the feature developed for up-to-time agent assistance - if the operator falls in trouble while processing a customer request or can’t respond adequately to clients’ questions, the manager joins the call in the mode when the operator hears him, but the client doesn’t. 

Nonetheless, there are situations where call whispering isn’t enough and can’t meet the speed of the conversation. If such an occasion occurs, managers can de-escalate the call and offer more adorable customer service by taking part in the dialogue. 

For a sample, the agent is a newbie, and he gets the call from a highly experienced client who wants to have all product’s features described in detail. The agent may have not enough time to scroll through the knowledge base, and his experience isn’t that deep to let him provide the awaited service. Here is the time to barge a call and avoid any misunderstanding with the client.

To get a deeper understanding of all call barging software features, let’s describe them as a list.

  1. Forward the call - operator may forward dials if he finds such a need
  2. Transferring calls - transfer conversations according to the exact situation
  3. Manager participation - allows managers to step into the dialogue if it is required
  4. Auto-dialers operating - use various algorithms to perform outbound calls, Predictive or Power
  5. Customizable stats - get detailed info about every call and its most crucial rates, such as wait time, duration, status updates, and so on. Reporting dashboards may be customized in accordance with your needs
  6. Call recording and whispering - use other call monitoring features to improve the quality of any call on the individual base

How does the call barging work?

Call barging is a process that unites three people with their own expectations, issues, and views on the methods of their resolution. It is a perfect solution for going through difficult situations that need a personalized approach and individual model of the solution.

From the operators’ point of view, call barging is the magic wand that assists in avoiding unnecessary call escalations or customer abandonments, so the agent can be assured that he won’t get an unsatisfied customer at the end of the conversation. On the contrary, it is a great area of learning, as the manager who joins the call acts as another operator, and the agent who wasn’t able to solve the customer request can train on a real case from his boss.

From the clients’ point of view, when the operator is unable to do anything with their request, or can’t answer their queries, there is nothing but dissatisfaction and frustration. People would never come back to a company that has provided them with poor service and buyer’s experience, so continuity of customer service quality is extremely vital for any company. On the other hand, when higher management comes to take part in solving the regular problem, the client feels his significance to the business and this type of customer experience will motivate him to stay with the firm and make future purchases. 

As the consequence, you get the ideal case where the client is totally satisfied with your care for him and ready to step down from your high position to solve routine problems, and the agent gets unique experience and a real crisis training session in real conditions. Finally, you as the manager keep the service at the required level and avoid losing customer loyalty. As you now understand, call barging is the way to make everyone satisfied and every one remains a winner.

But here is a time to explain every benefit of call barging in detail - and we ensure you, there is still much to talk about. 

Call barging benefits checklist

Advanced and highly qualified customer service

As there is nothing more crucial than your clients’ satisfaction, positive experience, and loyalty, every option that has a positive impact on these rates is absolutely appreciated. Call barging offers the ability to come out of any unpleasant situation, no matter what is the root cause. Use it not only to help agents solve difficult and complicated problems, but to show clients your wish and readiness to do everything that is needed to make their customer experience more adorable and satisfying. 

Use additional functions to make clients even happier - skills-based routing, IVR, transferring calls, and other options.

Boost Key Performance Indicators

As a manager, your main goal is to stay sure that each agent is doing his best and achieves the expected KPIs rates. And how to evaluate agent performance deeper and find improvement areas from the first attempt? Surely, by using real samples of his customer contacts. 

Call recording and whispering options which work in pairs with call barging are ideal tools to measure the operator's performance and productivity, find out the imperfections, and create individualized training plans. Use recordings to organize one-to-one coaching sessions with every agent and describe his performance using these examples. 

In addition, despite the call monitoring instruments, you will be provided with automated reporting tools to discover the most important scores, such as FCR, AHT, and CSAT. 

Coach operators

As we have already mentioned, call barging is irreplaceable in the case of agent training. When you take part in the real conversation as an agent’s assistant and solve customer problems in real-time mode, agents are more likely to understand and remember your tricks and methods of providing the customer with quality service. 

There is no better theory than practice, so keep in mind that agents will not only be grateful for your support, but try to take into account all your actions, phrases, and behavior tips during talking to a client. This is also a strong tool to unite with training on call recordings - the agent will be able to compare your performance with his own and make consequences about where he is doing badly and where he is doing well. Finally, as you are a strong authority for any worker, they will be more engaged to impress you and get praise for the great improvement of their skills. 

Quality verification

What is always required for any unit or organization is quality assurance. If you are looking for something that will be able to be set it up without huge effort and time spent, then call barging is an ideal solution. With operating the call barging, you can control every agent and stay sure that they meet all quality standards and requirements.

To say more, you can easily keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to VIP customers who have some requests. To avoid any issues with servicing such clients, join their calls immediately and monitor agent performance or become a participant in a dialogue if you see such a need. 

People will take such service as an example of perfect personalization and absolute care of their experience, while you will be able to breathe out calmly and comfortably check the quality of furnishing the service for special customers.

It is also no secret that agents are stressed because of high-net-worth contacts, and this factor boosts the possibility of unnecessary mistakes or bad performance. With your presence and assistance, operators will also be more confident and feel no fear of assisting valuable clients. 

Ease the control of remote workers

A remote sales team is always more difficult to be controlled, but with call barging features both onboarding and monitoring, procedures become easier than ever before. Let remote sales reps do their job under strong control from management, which will not only look for the incomplete performance of duties, but for successful training, onboarding, and gaining required skills. 

Call barging doesn’t rely on your or operators’ location, so it is another step to switching to a remote or hybrid workforce model of management. With its assistance, managing remote employees will be less stressful, tricky, and time-consuming. 

Avoid unnecessary transfers and achieve the highest FCR rate

First Call Resolution is often understood as the most vital KPI in all customer support industry, so most experts say that it should never be lower than 75%. With some remarks, this statement is true, so your effort and goals should be focused on boosting your FCR score as high as possible. Call barging is a perfect supporter in this case as it helps to avoid call transfers and solve customer issues during first contact - just because experienced managers will join the call before it starts to go in the wrong direction. 

The indirect influence of call barging on increasing the FCR is its positive effect on operators’ training. During barged calls, they get new skills and discover your methods and tricks of solving customer troubles, so they can use this knowledge to process new clients. On the other hand, your participation in incoming calls motivates agents to solve issues on their own during the first contact as they should comprehend that you can’t join every call. 

How to catch a moment to barge in?

Even though it may sound interesting to have immediate access to every call that is going wrong, you shouldn’t come into every problematic conversation just because your agents will become useless in such a disposition. They should gain skills and experience to handle troubles on their own, and you are not a nursemaid for them. Actually, their work is paid, while your responsibility is to build strategies and manage a whole department, not a single call. 

But when to come into a play then? If you see that situation becomes hot and the customer is almost ready to say a few “tactful” words and hang up the phone, you must act to not let it happen. Losing a customer costs too much money, so your duty is to do everything you can to avoid it. 

Another situation is when a call is already escalated by a caller because he is upset by the agent’s quality of service and qualification, so it is a perfect moment to join the dialogue. What is the matter to transfer a call, putting a person in the queue, and get an even angrier caller at the end? Surely, it is better to step into the conversation without any delays. 

Use call barging also as coaching, even if the situation doesn’t require your participation from the beginning - as it is said, it’s better to show something one time than to tell it ten times in a row. 

Anyhow, take into consideration that not every person would like to find out that his conversation has been tracking since it has begun. 

How can  VoIPTime Cloud Contact Center help you in addition to the call barging?

Our cloud-based contact center software solutions have their goal to provide you with the highest level of customer service, a friendly interface, powerful API integration features, and numerous options to control agents’ activity, and call barging isn’t the only one on this list. 

Up-to-minute control and reporting

Use our dashboards to manage agents’ work and find out all vital information and metrics to make changes as fast as needed and discover the areas of improvement for further strategic actions. Customize reports to work with the data you require, and perform thoughtful and wise management in accordance with business goals and needs

Call recording

Record and save operators' live conversations to use them for further analysis, training sessions, or for performance improvement and evaluation. Show recordings to agents during one-to-one meetings, and keep them focused on imperfections and characteristics that should be improved.

Call whispering

Don’t want to interrupt the ongoing dialogue, but the customer support agent needs assistance or advice? No problem - use whispering mode to provide a call center agent with live help without interrupting, and the customer will not be disturbed by your participation. 

Call barging

The feature that is a reason for this article - join calls that need qualified assistance and support and solve difficult cases in conference mode, where the agent becomes a student, and the customer achieves really client-oriented and adorable service. 

Auto dialers 

Use special algorithms to get more successful cold calls than you could imagine - up to five times more calls with Predictive Dialer, and unbelievable agent experience with Power Dialer! Process the lead bases without any manual effort.

Remote job opportunities

No matter where you are and where are your workers - work in a suitable mode from any place around the world with the help of our contact center solution! Train agents, control them, use all features, and don’t be scared of all issues related to remote or hybrid workforce models - take it easy, we have taken care of everything!

Advanced IVR 

Use IVR to eliminate unnecessary routine calls and ease agent life. Make them deal with really complicated requests, while most clients will get their self-service on the IVR stage. In pair with our ACD, it also builds a strong system of intelligent routing, when calls are sent to relevant, skilled, and experienced agents.

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