Business Automation – Reduce Errors in Customer Service

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People will always do mistakes. Your agent may be superhuman, but he is still a human. So, he makes mistakes too.

The quantity of sales mistakes may be reduced by automation solutions with business lead management system, and Voiptime has some advices on that.

What will Automation give you?

  • Competitiveness. Contact centers are constantly under pressure to increase margin to remain competitive. Automation means more profit.
  • Effectiveness. Business automation software identifies and shortens the quantity of errors before the dialing process starts.
  • Speed. Make and receive calls, communicate with clients in web-chat or use other automated tools for completing more tasks faster.
  • Productivity. Do you know that capacity is the synonym of the word automation? Please, don’t check Webster's dictionary to find out whether it is true or not. Just take our word for it, please. Automation means optimized business operations, reduced fulfillment time makes intake to overall productivity.
  • Optimization. Automation tools optimize repetitive tasks and eliminate steps in the workflow.

Sales Automation 1


Agents in contact center don’t need to answer the same set of easy questions everyday. Your clients can be routed to Interactive Voice Response instead. This system will help your customers with the next tasks:


  1. Get account statements.
  2. Receive requests for order status.
  3. Book and pay for goods (for instance, railway tickets).
  4. Get immediate reaction to the call.
  5. Learn more information about the services of your company.
  6. Get to know about your discounts and loyalty programs (find more about one of our instruments below)
  7. Get a call from you in the correct time of day (Time Zones).

Sales automation2

Call routing

You have different clients and all of them need special customer service. Clients with VIP status require communication with the most skilled agents. Voiptime team had designed business process automation software that makes it easy. The Call Routing system detects VIP clients and redirects them to assigned agents. This helps to make customers happier and to run the call center more efficiently.

Other Voiptime call center solution automation features are: callback, notifications (you calendar will be perfectly adjusted to call and meeting notifications) etc.

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Focused on customer service measurement and improvement, SaaS marketing and industry insights, and researching different methods of staff motivation and performance management in the field of customer service providing.

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