Best Way to Cold Call for B2B Sales

Everybody knows that cold calling is one of the most effective ways of finding a prospect in a selling process. Even though it takes time and effort, you have to make sure that both are used wisely. Therefore, for reaching top results and becoming a leading professional, one should develop their best way to cold call for B2B sales.

In our previous articles, we have already discussed “The best sales tactics of Cold Calling”. So, let’s now find out what will help to brilliantly succeed in cold calling and open a completely new set of opportunities.

How to be good at cold calling

  1. Make a good impression. As over the phone you cannot express emotions, the tone of your voice is more important than ever: if it is too quiet, you will sound tired and anxious; if it is too loud, it will create the impression of aggression and arrogance. Thus, for building trust, pay attention to the way prospects talk. Try to match the intonation, speed, pace, and volume of their speech. This will create rapport and help you to get in tune with them as well as penetrate into the way they interact.
  2. Ask questions and listen attentively. Always ask open-ended questions like “who”, “where”, “when”, etc. It will give your prospect more space for a response and you will have the possibility to gather more valued information as well as understand client’s needs and their pain points. Stay engaged but, at the same time, do not forget to listen carefully as it is the easiest way to build trust and make a person feel valued.
  3. Use referral in voicemails. In most cases, while calling a prospect, you will reach voice mail. To increase the chance of getting a callback, try not only to leave a brief message about the reason for calling but also mention a common connection (referral). Use social media like LinkedIn or Facebook to find a referral that is common for you as well as the prospect and refer their name at the beginning of the call. This will provide the prospect with a sense of familiarity and, lately, will help to convert any cold call into a warm one.
  4. Establish the right goal. According to recent research, 80% of sales happen on or after the fifth call. Therefore, never sell on your first calls as they are not about making sales but getting to know more about the prospect, understanding their pain points, and showing how your product or service can solve their issues. By setting the right goal for the first calls, you will not only feel more relaxed and confident (which itself will create a better outcome) but also take the pleasure off the prospect so they don’t have to give immediate “no”. This approach will give both of you the opportunity to get better acquainted and create a trustful business relationship.
  5. Review your techniques and script. Like any other process, sales need to be refined and assessed.  Thus, professional sales representatives constantly review their materials to see what works and what doesn’t, what creates a connection and generates engagement. Besides, they analyze their techniques and strategies, review calls and consult with the sales manager on a regular basis in order to improve their sales and boost revenue.
  6. Use tools.  On average, it normally takes near 8 calls to reach a prospect. Therefore, to maximize the amount of time spent on selling versus dialing and increase connect rate, you should consider using a Power dialer to automate the entire sales process. The most popular dialers (the Power or Predictive mode) can:
    • dial a number only when a sales rep becomes available (power dialer);
    • dial several numbers simultaneously and when the client answers, it automatically delivers the call to the agent available(predictive dialer).

Sales are all about being persistent and confident. Always keep in mind the above-mentioned best ways to cold call business and remember that hard work, a positive attitude as well as constant improvement this is what differentiates success from failure. 

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