VoIPTime Automated Phone Surveys and Feedback [GUIDE]

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Do you want to collect direct customer feedback without any effort or time spent? Then this guide is for you. Check all abilities of VoIPTime Automated Phone Surveys to discover what your clients think and use this info to move to a new class of client service!

Automated phone surveys definition

Automated phone surveys are one of the survey methods utilized via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology that is transmitted to prospects via calling to collect their feedback and evaluations. This tool is extremely substantial to get access to real-time customer reviews that can be used to upgrade customer service, improve customer experience and detect imperfections in work, and identify trends and customer expectations. 

Why should you choose automated phone surveys to collect feedback?

An automated phone survey system is an ideal instrument for gathering customer feedback, as it is effortless and doesn’t require agents to spend time on manual dialing. It doesn’t only save your time but opens new opportunities for discovering clients’ expectations, wishes, and potential issues. Collecting continuous and timely feedback is vital for any company to move forward for better service, and automated phone survey software is the best assistant for this goal. 

How to use automated customer surveys?

Every industry has its own requirements and specifications, that determine the fields of operating automated voice surveys. Thanks to their flexibility and various opportunities for implementation, automated telephone surveys are useful for any industry. Let’s look at the example of automated phone system surveys.

Financial industry

With the high-net-worth and valuable customers, the banking industry requires permanent contact with clients to be sure that they are satisfied with the service. Automated phone surveys can offer such options as courtesy calls to keep in touch with clients and provide them with personalized service.

Market research surveys are also vital, as the strong competition and the market’s overload with financial services have brought customer expectations and wish to the first place on the row of companies’ priorities. Discover what your clients want to get from you and how their opinions change on distance without any manual work. 


Such options as post-sales follow-up and customer satisfaction surveys play the foremost role to achieve high customer retention rates that determine the success of any e-commerce business. Come to each buyer with post-call IVR surveys and assistance and review collection and stay confident that no one will be missed because of a manual misstep.


Client service follow-ups are important in such a competitive market as logistics and cargo. Stay in contact with every client without effort and additional time spent, and organize automated reminders and surveys to keep customer service on the highest level. 

Education and events-management

Need to collect some conference feedback from participants? Use automated phone surveys to gather reviews from all needed leads and spend less than an hour organizing the survey. IVR survey technology offers unbelievable flexibility in operating interactive voice response surveys, so you can come to clients without any delays and collect timely feedback.

Customer service industry

Desire to be sure that workers are on the right track? Use employee attitude surveys to collect their feedback about the job conditions and avoid problems with burnout and turnover. Regular collecting of employee reviews has a strong positive impact on their emotional shape and productivity, and isn’t it great to stay informed of staff conditions by operating the same tool that you use to gather customer feedback?

All other industries

As you could guess, the examples that we have described are flexible enough to be used in any industry, as well as IVR isn’t used only to reply to incoming calls. Cell phone surveys are equally vital and effective for every niche, no matter B2B or B2C, and no matter what you are selling or offering. Customers always desire to be heard, and their opinion is the main indicator of where you ought to move. IVR survey gives you unlimited opportunities to reach the customers and get their thoughts and evaluations - no matter the place, time, and topic of the discussion. Contrastively, customers prefer automated survey tools more than calls performed by real agents.

How do automated survey tools work?

The interactive voice response survey system has a triple-stage algorithm for its work. We’ll describe each phase in detail.

  1. Bulk calling

    The interactive voice response survey system starts dialing numbers from the imported contact list or automatically dials the digits that are marked as processed by agents - according to the dialing rules you have set up before.

  2. Message playing

    When the lead takes the call, he listens to the pre-recorded messages played by the IVR and can start to perform surveys by dialing pads. 

  3. Processing a survey with DTMF

    Thanks to Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) technology, call receivers can navigate through the IVR menu to complete the survey, or, in some cases, link to an agent. This technique also retains the automatic cessation of the call when needed.


We know that you are looking only for the most reasonable solution on the market that can cover all your needs and include all possible features that are available across the market. We provide only the best all-in-one call center software, but to ensure that we are saying the truth, discover our features below: 

Flexible redialing rules

Our solution offers customizable redialing options, so if you want to set distinct rules for various calling campaigns, or edit rules when the campaign is in progress, you can easily do it in a few clicks. Use this function to provide personalized service for various client groups.

Intelligent calling algorithm

You may customize the numeral of calls performed at the same time, for instance, if you need only 50 calls in one moment, then set the required numeral of calls in campaign settings. This option allows you to control call volume for better productivity. 

Interactive IVR scripts

Our scripts propose an opportunity to transfer customers who make specific selections in the IVR menu to various operator groups. This feature lets you divide customer issues between skilled agents who are more relevant for distinct tasks.

Detailed reports

Get all relevant information about your campaign in real-time reports that show clients' choices during the survey, statuses of the calls, and overall report for all dials in the campaign and their statuses.


Forget about long-lasting and effortful voice recording: transform text to voice messages with the highest accuracy and without any mistakes! This solution saves your time and money, as it makes recording IVR messages much easier than it was in outdated automated survey tools.

CRM integration

Integrate CRM to link automated online survey results with info from the CRM and get more comprehensive data about every customer and his interactions. 

API integration

Use API integration to transfer info from customer surveys to third-party software and work with data on other platforms without manual transferring. This is another option that works to eliminate unnecessary time spending and effort. 

Local Caller ID

Build trustful relations with customers by using the local Caller IDs for outbound calls. People more often answer calls with similar locations as theirs, so this option allows you to avoid losing important leads. 

Call scheduling

Select the proper time period for campaigns and run them without delays or according to chosen schedule. Use this function for testing and comparing campaigns, or to prepare the required numeral of calls for the future. 



What are automated surveys?

That is one of the survey methods of collecting customer survey responses by sending them previously recorded messages by the IVR technology. 

How do automated phone surveys work?

This is a three-step process. Firstly, IVR starts calling the leads in accordance with the numbers in the lead base or using the triggering actions, like the “processed” mark given to the digit by agents. Secondly, IVR plays survey questions to the buyer and lets him select suitable survey responses or menu sections. Finally, the customer is finishing the call by answering a series of questions or arranging to contact the operator. 

What industries need to use automated surveys?

Almost all. Continuous feedback is vital for every business as it points to customer expectations and their evaluation of your business. IVR surveys are very flexible, so for various industries, they offer different solutions, such as courtesy calls or market research. 

How automated surveys can help to boost overall contact center performance?

Well, you can easily measure customer satisfaction with their assistance. Automated surveys may be operated to collect employee feedback or organize market research too. 

What is the expense of using automated surveys?

There is no precise cost for it because this option is included in the cloud-based call center solution, as it operates via IVR. The price relies on the number of staff members and the functions you select.  To discover additional info regarding the prices and features, go here. 

Interested in ultimate call center software?

Contact us to discuss your needs and see Voiptime Contact Center in action!

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