6 Ways to Improve Customer Retention by Sales Automation

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Need for Lead: hot pursuit is the game sales managers of small businesses play non-stop all day long. New customers might be the purpose of your company as well. But don’t you miss anything?

For instance, paying attention to customer retention. Customer retention is all about loyalty and business ability to diminish the quantity of customer defections. More than half of small businesses revenue comes from repeat customers according to BIAKelsey. So, let’s pay attention to sales automation for small business and the ways you can facilitate customer retention.

1. Automate email marketing

Do you stop to send your customers letters right after they click the Confirm the purchase? It is a destructive method while you need to keep them in touch and go on with mailing process. One more way to automate the sales automation is to set up the Thank you letters. Thank the newcomers on your site by giving them special offers for entering your company. These letters your potential customers can appear automatically in customer relationship management system without any spare minute wasted by your team.

2. Make auto-replies in social media

Set notifications each time your client tries to reach you in social media and reply as soon as possible. Cultivate real-time communication and let your clients get used to your style and quick responses. Be sure that no customer will even think of changing you on someone else if you be the fastest to give qualified answer. And set your social media accounts to make posts at the most productive time:


3. Create web form for better customer service

Let your clients give feedback on your site in convenient form with minimum fields:

  • First Name.
  • Last Name.
  • Contact Phone.
  • Comment.

Such form will give your client the ability to leave the opinion about services and send you the notifications about problems. By the way, you can add some categories with drop down menu for your guest to choose the right department to address. With Voiptime Cloud all messages with opinion and the lead will fall directly to corresponded Project and obtain the needed Status already at the moment when the customer clicks Submit button. So, it is easy to filter and sort leads that need special customer service.

4. Extra mile and more

Provide client with top-quality service and set notifications about every interaction with your lead:

  1. Someone filled in the form on your site.
  2. Someone need to get callback soon.
  3. There are planned meetings in your schedule.

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5. Automate your blog

There we gathered some tips that will help you to cooperate better with the clients who made the purchase and need to make the hint to repeat pleasant experience with your business:

  • Be systematic and create post beforehand. Let your CMS post them regularly.
  • Create your own rubric. It can be not be innovative and can not pretend on blowing customers’ minds, but it should match your style and suit the product you are selling. Why more How to and Top-10 articles and introduce the members of your team in your blog.
  • Create Subscribe form and make it pleasant and intriguing to fill in. Set up web-to-lead functionality within our system to get the list of people who want to get your newsletters and else.

6. Pay special attention

Give your client possibility to feel special with the help of our solution that allows you to keep on track all interactions with the client by accessing the email communication 24/7 in your Voiptime Cloud inside sales CRM software. It is easy while we realized email tracking feature here. No need to remember where did you wrote needed data and else with the client card that reflects all actions lead passed and is going to be engaged with in the nearest future. All notes include the author, time, date of the note, and comment of the User. With our sales automation engine you always aware the stage of the sales pipeline your lead in.

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Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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