5 Books for Call Center Managers

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Are you in customer service business? Please see below 5 books a good contact center manager should read.


This book is dedicated to 3 key aspects of call centers: performance, training, and leadership skills. The first part will reveal the secret to creating a motivational environment in your office. The manager of your contact center may be especially interested in the activities chapter. It is about searching for the right staff, providing quality training, and giving effective feedback. It also provides tips on dealing with difficult employees. The last chapter is full of tricks and techniques. Bibliographical references and index are included.




This edition is not about inside sales call center software metrics or the way you should manage your cloud contact center. It is dedicated to the right way of handling all types of common and uncommon situations within the project. Learn how to arrange information, respond to any situation, and make the right decisions. The book was written by a Senior Executive Director for Project Managers.




It was not enough to write one successful book (“How May I Help You?”). The author wrote a follow-up 2 years later, and managed to cover Providing Personal Service in an Impersonal World. The best aspect of “The 7 Universal Laws of Customer Value”, is its clarity. All described methods and clues are practical and easy to apply.


This masterpiece is an example of the perfect combination of theory and practice. The author reveals secrets of inbound call center operations. It will be useful both for call center managers and call center owners. The book is recognized by an international authority and included in study programs at educational establishments in 15 countries.


This book provides the reader with the model for effective service delivery. According to the authors, Call Centers should consist of 4 key parts: Processing, Service Delivery, Personnel, and IT. It includes a survey which will help you to collect various data within your retail business plan.

Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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