3 Strategies to Get More Data from your Leads and Customers

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Why do you need to keep every grain of data obtained from your current and potential clients? The reason is simple: it is extremely valuable and will do you a great favor.

Every detail about your customers is necessary while structuring the information about it, segmenting and adding to the appropriate group while launching an e-mail marketing campaign, and, of course, let you be with the person who contacted you on the same wavelength. Today we'll share with you 5 methods to achieve success in data collection.

Add extra fields to web forms

Internet users hate long and complicated forms, but there is always golden middle and the custom fields that won't bother any customer. Our team gathered the most popular web forms for your site and described them. You can find the pros for Internet users as well as bonuses for you as the site owner in the table above. The last column is dedicated to the extra fields that will enhance your lead management process and will help to customize lead generation forms:

Type of web form

Advantages for clients
Advantages for you
Custom fields

Login Form

The way to enter someone's account on your site.
This form helps the client to update personal information.

Let your clients convenient territory for interaction with your site.

No extra fields are needed.

Subscription Form

Is intended to become part of your contact list and get newsletters and other email marketing materials. The clients can subscribe to your news, discounts, and other needed information.
Initiate the email marketing strategy and send your leads newsletters, notifications about events, and any other news of your company.

Add the links to the best articles as examples of the best materials to share with the readers.

Unsubscribe Form

This form is intended to delete the client’s email from the contact list. Allows to partially or fully unsubscribe from email letters.
You deal with the law to give the guests of your site the choice between getting all emails from you or some or none.

Add the comment to your form and give the person to state
his or her choice.

Job Application Form

Give the candidates apply into their special form the leads from which will fall directly to the HR's Group. Don’t need to search for the company's email for the purpose to send the email with attachments which might get lost in the plethora of letters. HR managers can easily work on obtained leads in one system. A field for file attachment in all appropriate for CV formats. E.g. pdf.

Event Registration Form

Get, nurture, and structure customers for finding out the interest in your events. Don’t waste time booking the ticket for the event via phone. Pay 2 minutes to fill in the online form and that’s all. Share the details with the team and form the audience for further lead management. Job title will help you to know your target audience better.

Feedback Form

This form contains the field for the request or the survey for estimating the level of your work or the quality of your services.

People need to have the form for giving feedback. It is better to let them do it on your site rather than accessing their social media accounts for that purpose. Obtain real thoughts about the product or service and work on the opportunities. Zip code.

System of ongoing lead supply

Find the service that will help to pass leads from web forms to CRM. Find the solution that will allow you to integrate business systems. Voiptime Cloud inside sales software gives you the key to online forms adjustment. All newcomers and guests of your sites will not only have convenient forms with custom fields. You get the powerful tool for passing the data with the highest level of security and top convenience. Register and log in into our system and start using all benefits of API-key and flexible special parts of your forms right now! Set up the Status and the Source of all new leads got via web forms and facilitate the lead nurturing process.

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There are many ways to add needed elements of surveys in the life of your clients:

  1. Create them and build in social media posts. Add field Other into your survey and reveal the desire to share the idea with others.
  2. Establish surveys into email newsletters and ask to choose the topic of the next letter.
  3. Add share buttons into your blog and enable the comments for obtaining the feedback.
  4. Try Net Promoter Score (NPS) questions into your surveys and get the feedback in a convenient for the client form.

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