10 Critical Sales Metrics You May Have Overlooked

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If the first thing you do in the morning is not coffee but checking up performance statistics of your reps, you are a top sales manager. You can download the fresh charts and schemes, but the team can still work less productive than it should.

You can do your best, but where is the income? We’ll tell you today what sales metrics for sales you should focus your attention on to start to seeing the results. There are three of them.

Time is everything

The butterfly lives in average one month. And what is a life span of a lead? Harvard Business Review researched 2,241 U.S. companies to check the time banks, software, and many other industries spend on responding to their leads.

You are welcome to check the chart with sales metrics analysis and the average that takes sales to make a call back, answer in web-chat, or send an email etc:


The result is the next: companies that contacted prospects within 60 minutes were 7 times better in lead qualifying process than those who waited a day to give a call or longer. What conclusion should we make? Lead is where the fastest companies are. The butterfly lives 720 times longer than the average lead. Take it into account and give your leads the fastest wings for better nurturing.

Track the time lead is spending in sales funnel

The quantity of time your lead stays in each stage of the sales pipeline. There are three of them: Qualified, Quote or Close. Which of your leads took longer time to close? What are the fastest ones? Why do some prospects stuck on the Quote stage? All these questions will appear less complicated when you observe and take into account the stage duration. Count that time your sales team need to qualify the leads, quote the prospects, close the deal successfully or unsuccessfully. Yeap, both leads are important for the statistics.


Pay attention to your losses

Spend some time comparing the victories and loses and find out the basic features of them. Then compare these diametrically different types of results. What is the typical reason for your reps to fail? There are some of them:

● Less follow-up.
● Stick to a competitor.
● The price is too high and others.

For better sales activity metrics give your managers a task to add the comment with one of these reasons to the Client card for better understanding of the failure. Apply this approach during 3 months for more data to collect. Then gather the leads with appropriate comment or Status (you can add as many Statuses or additional fields as you need in Voiptime Cloud solution) and see the core of your losses.

7 more metrics you might forget to pay attention to

1. Count the quantity of subscribers, blog readers, followers and other leads and customers.
2. Research the origin of your lead.
3. Estimate value of that lead for better marketing.
4. Review the quantity of the leads who like your marketing content.

5. Check the MQL and measure the effectiveness of your marketing department efforts.
6. How many opportunities became customers? Measure Opportunity-to-Customer % metrics with web based contact management software.
7. For better finances find out the average revenue per customer.

Tanya Gonchar

Expert in call center process automation, Head of Marketing at Voiptime Cloud. Interested in customer service, B2B sales, marketing, business analysis.

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