Why cloud?

Leverage the power of a cloud in your call center

What does moving to the cloud mean to your business?

Moving to the cloud is the next step in becoming more tech-savvy. This essential transition will enable your business to get rid of costly software stacks and bulky server rooms. Voiptime Cloud call center software will help you direct all your resources toward providing the best customer experience.

Why Cloud | Voiptime Cloud

Our solution is fully cloud-based, and it doesn’t require any deployment on the client’s part. Sign up, configure minimum settings, and start working. Your call center will be up and running in a few hours.

Why Cloud | Voiptime Cloud

The user-friendly interface of Voiptime Cloud makes it really easy to use. You won’t have difficulties browsing through features and changing settings since our software is intuitive, and it typically doesn’t require any training.

Why Cloud | Voiptime Cloud
Reasonable price

You don’t need to engage in long-term contracts. Pay for cloud-based software as you go (monthly or annually). Also, you can easily purchase additional licenses if necessary.

Why Cloud | Voiptime Cloud

Voiptime Cloud architecture is designed to shield your data. Our hosting provider is listed in the Cloud Security Alliance's STAR registry and maintains rigorous security standards (SOC2 and ISO 27001 certifications).

Why Cloud | Voiptime Cloud

We guarantee 99.9% uptime with no service disruption. Enjoy limited downtime at your contact center provided you have a stable internet connection.

Start making calls immediately!

  • No hidden fees or service costs, our pricing is upfront.
  • Choose the most suitable pricing plan and payment date.
  • Scale easily and add licenses at any time.
  • Support and maintenance included.
  • Easy software set up, no need to hire dedicated IT staff.
  • No need to involve integrators or consultants to start working.

Allocate your resources wisely with Voiptime Cloud

Cloud solution vs. On-premise software

Voiptime cloud-based software is the better option over any on-premise solution. Here’s why:

Why Cloud | Voiptime Cloud

Faster implementation

It’s much easier to implement a cloud-based solution compared to an on-premise one. Voiptime Cloud call center requires zero upfront capital investments. All you need to start getting value is to create your account and configure minimum settings.

Why Cloud | Voiptime Cloud

No bulky servers

Organizations working in the cloud don’t ever need to think about servers. With a cloud-based solution, all maintenance becomes the responsibility of your vendor, in this case — our Voiptime team. You only need to make sure that each of your agents has a stable internet connection, efficient PC, and a good headset.

Why Cloud | Voiptime Cloud

Exceptional customer support

Whereas the job of on-premise software vendors is done once you sign a contract, cloud software vendors support you for the duration of the relationship. Their business depends on your success. We at Voiptime Cloud also provide extensive support and give consultations whenever needed.

Why Cloud | Voiptime Cloud

New features without software upgrades

On-premise solution updates are not always free, and they usually require a user to make changes, which might even freeze the work of your call center for a couple of hours. Since our software is fully cloud-based, you don’t need to upgrade manually. Once the new release of Voiptime Cloud is available, you get it automatically. Plus, we improve existing functions and add new features every two weeks.

Meet the future of your contact center!

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