Why Cloud?

Advantages of hosted solution vs. premised-based system

10 reasons to choose Cloud Solution

The cloud solution’s architecture and approach is significantly different from a premise-based system. And Voiptime Cloud solves the majority of challenges faced in contact centers. We support multiple campaigns across different time zones. Premise-based solutions do not enable changes in agent quantity, whereas the cloud solution has tools for quick adding. With us, you will benefit from the single-vendor approach, as well. Read on for six more advantages to cloud computing:

Why Cloud

Our system provides callers with flexible IVR, workforce, and customizable filters.

Why Cloud
Quick deployment

A single system deploy can be finished in less than 10 days.

Why Cloud

Our all-in-one solution reduces costs for updates, changes, and re-integration.

Why Cloud
Automatic software updates

Voiptimecloud takes care of all server maintenance, including regular software updates.

Why Cloud
Capital-expenditure free

Feel comfortable with the OPEX model and forget about CAPEX-based costing.

Why Cloud
Increased collaboration

Try a real breakthrough in collaboration. Voiptimecloud enhances collaborative capabilities in areas across your business.

What Is the Voiptime Cloud?
It’s all about calling. We’re known for our easy-to-use services and convenient platform that make your working life easier, whether you’re a small business or major corporation. Need more convincing? Read on for a few of our stand-out traits.
  • The best FCR. Improve KPI significantly with Voiptime Cloud.
  • Know everything about agent performance. You'll have understandable, easy-to-read statistics and information about your in-house and remote agents
  • A no-pressure system. The quick deployment reduces pressure on IT-staff.
  • Leave limits behind. Your business goals can be achieved with Voiptime!
Enhance Your Sales by Phone Results

Voiptime Cloud is an innovative cloud solution for sales by phone, combining the best of CRM, LMS and Dialing System. Track, report, capture, score, and distribute your leads with our Lead Management System. The LMS tool attracts new customers and identifies your best existing customers. Predictive Dialer is an advanced dialing system designed to generate the highest outbound calls rates. With our predictive dialer, your agents can easily work with outbound campaigns of any type and complexity.

“The most important quality in cloud solutions for us is the flexibility. My team and I can access information about our leads and prospects, as well as check the phone and e-mail history, from anywhere. We just sign in and we can see all the data right away. With the Voiptime Cloud solution we can react faster and make our clients happier”.
Shena, Chicago, Illinois
Why Cloud
"Cloud solution is much more cost effective for us. We pay a monthly fee and don’t have to worry about system support or updates. Everything is done on the service’s remote servers. It saves us time, allowing us to focus on the more important work of growing our business".
Richard, Dallas, Texas
Why Cloud
"With cloud computing we have all sales data stored centrally, so that everybody in our team can access the same information. I can see the workflow of my sales representatives and observe their collaborations. I can also coordinate their workflows from anywhere. This is a huge advantage of Voiptime Cloud solution".
Ryan, San Francisco, California
Why Cloud
Open new horizons of sales with our saas call center solution!