Predictive Dialer Complete Guide 2018

Guide to Predictive Dialers

What is a predictive dialer?

Predictive dialer is an automated dialing system for outbound calls that dials numbers from a list sequentially. With the ability to skip over busy signals, disconnected numbers, no-answers, and voicemails, it connects agents to real people only.

The technology uses call metrics to predict the exact moment a human agent will be free to take the next call. The predictive dialer dials the right number of leads at the right time, maximizing agent efficiency and minimizing the number of abandoned calls.

How predictive dialers work

The principles behind predictive dialing logic are the following:


The system starts by dialing one entry for each free operator. Based on statistics, it predicts how many entries should be dialed per operator to maximize their workload.


The dialer recognizes answering machines, filters them out, and connect agents with live calls.


Using the algorithm and collected statistics on previous calls, the dialer predicts the approximate time when each agent should be finishing a call and dials the next number.


Based on the collected statistics and percentage lost calls, it calculates the number of entries to re-dial.

Get efficient automated dialing and hustle-free workflow with Predictive dialer:

  • It boosts the efficiency of call center agents by minimizing routine work.
  • It releases agents from manual dialing and connects them to a call only after it’s been answered by a real person.
  • It ensures a seamless transition between calls and creates a steady stream of calls with minimum downtime.

What are soft and hard predictive dialers?

Predictive Dialer Complete Guide 2018
Soft predictive dialer

A software program installed on the current server that can be used with the current telephony systems. Soft predictive dialer is a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require any additional hardware.

Predictive Dialer Complete Guide 2018

A hardware-based solution that carries out predictive dialing. It is more accurate due to better AMD detection capability. Since hardware solutions are costlier and more difficult to maintain, they gradually lose their popularity.

Who uses predictive dialers?

The predictive dialer is a useful and highly customizable outbound solution for businesses of all sizes and spheres that can serve multiple purposes. This outbound calling software can be used for:

  • Multiple outbound call center campaigns;
  • Professional services in BPO;
  • Sales and telemarketing campaigns;
  • Debt collection services;
  • HR and recruiting calls;
  • Mortgage and insurance dialing;
  • Political campaigning;
  • Fundraising for non-profit organizations, etc.

Advantages of predictive dialing

Predictive Dialer Complete Guide 2018
Reduces idle time

With predictive dialing mode, agents don’t spend time on manual calls, waiting on dial tones, ringing, etc. They are connected with live calls only. Once the conversation is over, the system routes agent to the next subscriber.

Predictive Dialer Complete Guide 2018
Increases the contact rate

This dialing mode identifies and skips fake numbers, busy signals, and answering machines, ensuring agents spend most of their time productively. They can easily make 300% more calls each day.

Predictive Dialer Complete Guide 2018
Minimizes downtime

The only way to stop the call flow is to pause it manually. Therefore, agents not only handle more calls per day but also stay focused during the shift and eventually close more deals.

Predictive Dialer Complete Guide 2018
Saves money on labor cost

Maximizing the efficiency of existing employees negates the need to hire additional people to work with the same outbound call volume.

How effective are predictive dialers?

Predictive dialing software enables you to increase your organizational output with the same key inputs.

“It helps you close more deals with the same number of team members and hours spent on calls.”

Voiptime Cloud predictive dialer increases the talk time to 300% and grows agent’s occupancy up to 80%.

Manual Predictive Dialer Complete Guide 2018
Predictive Dialer Complete Guide 2018
Predictive dialer Predictive Dialer Complete Guide 2018

How to build a predictive dialer campaign in Voiptime Cloud?

Building a campaign with our software’s predictive dialing mode is a flexible and adaptable process. You can easily create an outbound campaign in three simple steps:

  • Filter the leads
  • Change campaign settings
  • Press START

Agents don’t have to log in to a call campaign every time they open the software. Likewise, Voiptime Cloud predictive dialing reduces the possibility of human error since agents cannot make any changes to the tasks in progress.

Voiptime Cloud predictive software is a user-friendly solution that does not require any industry-specific IT knowledge. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Each campaign setting can be easily changed by a single super user - head of sales, head of a call center, etc. Choose simplified or advanced settings based on your experience and start the campaign!

Is it possible to make a predictive dialer in-house?

You can build your own custom-made predictive dialing solution provided you possess the narrow industry-specific knowledge, have vast experience working with IP telephony, employ several talented software engineers, and have necessary hardware. However, this process has its drawbacks:

  • coding, testing and making updates is a timely process;
  • testing requires large volumes of data, and not every company is able to provide that;
  • support can be carried out only by highly skilled specialists, etc.

In most cases, it is much faster and more affordable to seek expert help or purchase a ready-made solution.

Predictive dialer implementation

There are several critical factors to consider when implementing predictive dialing software into a call center.

Predictive Dialer Complete Guide 2018


Prior to purchasing an auto dialer, make sure it is compatible with your existing systems. It also must have integration capabilities. It is recommended you try a demo version and see how effective this software is for solving your tasks. Voiptime Cloud provides a free 14-day trial, as well as technical support from our in-house experts, so that you can see our product in action before making any commitments.

Predictive Dialer Complete Guide 2018


This factor is essential if you run a seasonal business or if you plan to expand your company in the future. Prior to making a purchase, check out how a dialer handles large call volumes, behaves after modifications, and easily and quickly allows you to add new operators.

Predictive Dialer Complete Guide 2018


Predictive dialing software in its most basic version can only make multiple simultaneous calls from the list and connect live conversations with free agents. To get the best results from outbound campaigns, choose a dialer with additional features.

Some of the most important features to look for in such software include:

  • Integration with your existing CRM tool

    A predictive dialer should incorporate a comprehensive user-friendly application program interface (API) to enable a seamless integration of software with other business applications. Ideally, a CRM system should be built-in.

  • Comprehensive reporting

    An efficient hosted dialer should provide you with a detailed report on calls, campaigns, KPI, and agent productivity. The insights generated through such reports are critical for making improvements in the functionality of a call center.

  • Legal compliance

    Given that outbound calls undergo legal regulations, you should be mindful about your campaigns. Purchasing a dialer that is compliant with telemarketing rules and regional laws is the best way to keep your company out of trouble.

Predictive Dialer Complete Guide 2018


Such dialers vary in price, functionality, and volume of simultaneous calls. You can pick a free open-source basic app or you can opt for more expensive multifunctional software. Free dialers can be a good one-time solution, whereas pricier alternatives are better for a long-term use.

Disadvantages of predictive dialing

Many countries impose strict legal regulations on outbound calling. If a chosen dialing software does not have corresponding features, it is strongly recommended to consult an attorney regarding the rules and regulations in a particular region and plan outbound campaigns accordingly.

Call center software belongs to a regulated market where compliance with legislation requires specific functionality. Therefore, its implementation requires additional resources.

Although it uses an algorithm to calculate the right time for making each call, a dialer doesn’t take into account the likelihood of telemarketing delays. It is not helpful if a call center doesn’t have enough agents to take all answered calls. It’s important to watch these indicators because the abandoned call rate is also regulated by law.

A predictive dialer is ineffective in a situation when an agent needs to get familiar with information on the lead. With predictive dialing, they must start talking immediately without hearing “hello” from the person who answers the phone.

This dialer is inefficient for small teams. At least 10 agents are needed for the predictive algorithm to function properly and accurately.

Predictive dialing might not always work correctly when several campaigns are launched for the same group of users. It is recommended not to mix campaigns in different dialing modes for one group of agents.

Predictive dialers KPI metrics

An efficient autodialer influences key performance indicators (KPI) of a call center. Below are the performance metrics that can be improved with the implementation of the dialing software.

Predictive Dialer Complete Guide 2018

ACR (Abandoned Call Ratio)

ACR is an arithmetic estimation of the number of lost calls (abandoned by the prospect) while waiting for a connection with an agent in the queue. The abandoned call ratio is regulated by law, and typically, should not exceed 3% for each 30 days (5% for Canada). The predictive dialer monitors maximum abandoned call rate and reduces dialing speed if necessary.

Predictive Dialer Complete Guide 2018

AAD (Average Answer Delay)

AAD is the average amount of time that a prospect waits before hanging up when there’s no answer from an agent during an outbound call. Provided that you have enough agents, this dialer will connect prospects with agents immediately, which will significantly minimize delays.

Predictive Dialer Complete Guide 2018

ASR (Average Seizure Ratio)

This is a percentage of successfully answered calls from total dialing attempts (“seizures”). To calculate ASR, divide successfully answered calls by the total number of dialing attempts and multiply by 100. High ASR (60% and above) indicates a reliable network and high-quality customer service.

Predictive Dialer Complete Guide 2018

ACD (Average Call Duration)

ACD is the length of an actual conversation between an agent and the customer. It is the talking time without pre-call preparation or post-call documentation. To calculate ACD, divide the duration of all answered calls by the total number of answered calls.

Predictive Dialer Complete Guide 2018

User Occupancy

User occupancy or agent occupancy is the percentage of time an agent spends handling calls versus waiting for calls to arrive (idle time). User occupancy is calculated by dividing actual working hours by staff hours. Predictive dialer reduces wait time between calls, which increases agent occupancy up to 80%.

Predictive Dialer Complete Guide 2018

Average Wait Time

This is the amount of time a customer waits in a queue until one’s issue is addressed by a call center representative. Average wait time in outbound campaigns is considered an important dialing optimization factor used to minimize the agent’s wait time between calls and reduce answer delays. This metric is also regulated by law; typically, it should not exceed 2 seconds.

What to look for when buying a predictive dialer software

The best predictive dialing software is a combination of efficiency, reliability, and versatility. When buying this dialer for long-term use, you should spell out the needs of your business and choose the solution that will fulfill them.

The most useful features for your outbound call center include:

  • Built-in CRM;
  • Campaign Management System;
  • Click-to-call;
  • Local caller ID;
  • Call recording;
  • DNC management;
  • Real-time monitoring;
  • Historical reporting;
  • Webhooks and API;
  • Data import and synchronization.

Predictive dialer best practices

Our team applies best industry practices to create top-quality software, give value to our clients, and provide excellent customer service.
Here is what Voiptime Cloud users have to say about our product:

“VoiptimeCloud has helped us to become better organized and procedural about our business development and sales. It automates the work of our sales reps and they now can focus on working with leads and developing opportunities, not on data entry.”Dmitry A., Computer Games industry.

“Voiptime Cloud software is very efficient, intuitive, and easy-to-use. It’s literally plug-and-play, I barely had to conduct any training with my agents. I was able to see immediate results after only one month of using this dialer. Great software! Love it!”Steve S., Insurance.

“I own a telesales company with a head office in Amsterdam and remote agents in different countries. All my employees use Voiptime to manage prospective clients and make calls. This is a cloud solution, easy to log in, with excellent call quality. We record all conversations and are able to download them and to send to our clients who can proceed with leads. Lead and call statuses, callback, notes, and lead source features help to work with leads more effectively. We definitely recommend this to businesses looking for a system to manage leads and to make online calls.”Martin W., Telesales.


How does a predictive dialer know the difference between a human voice and an answering machine?-

The technology that underlies the predictive dialing algorithm is answering machine detection (AMD).

To tell a human from answering machine, the predictive software uses the following voice recognition techniques:

  • Detecting a real person by hearing “hello” followed by a short pause.
  • Detecting long sequence of words without pauses, e.g. “Hello, I’m not at home right now, please leave a message…”

This technology is not perfect. It can make mistakes and disconnect a live call. To avoid a possible increase in abandoned calls, some vendors enable agents to switch off the AMD feature and let them decide whether they are talking to an answering machine or a real person. However, this approach is not generally practiced in outbound call centers as it decreases the overall efficiency.

Can predictive dialers work with skype?+

Some vendors offer dialers that utilize the outbound calling features of Skype. Although it is possible to use Skype for predictive dialing, it is not generally recommended since such dialers work best with VOIP protocols. The main disadvantages of Skype predictive dialing are long initial response time and low audio quality.

What is a smart predictive dialer?+

These are regular dialers with extra functionality. Smart predictive dialers play pre-recorded voice messages to all callees from the list, automatically receive input from a called person, and continue based on their actions.

Such dialers outcall the numbers from the uploaded list, play a short, pre-recorded message to each person, and ask them to press a particular key if they wish to speak to a live agent to learn more. This approach to sales is more targeted. It is based on the “pull” rather than “push” strategy, which can potentially lead to better results.

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