Cloud predictive dialer

Smart dialing system for the highest outbound call rates.
Key advantages of predictive dialer system online:
Predictive dialer with LMS, 4 dialing modes, flexible scenario constructor, call campaigns and much mo

Custom Scripts

We offer a flexible script constructor that requires no IT-skills. Scripts will be displayed on agent’s screen.

Suitable Iframe

The opportunity to add the best cloud predictive dialer to CRM as a part of scenario block.

API Availability

Easy to work with full-range application program interface (API) will help to integrate the solution with other applications.

Detailed reporting

Outbound campaign report includes detailed information about every call attempt, its statuses and duration, an agent who handles this call, etc.

Online monitoring

Control progress of outbound campaigns and current agents' activity on one dashboard. It gives the full view of call center productivity in real time.

Flexible rules for failed attempts

Configure redialing time intervals for unsuccessful dialing attempts. This allows you to process cold base in 100%.

Predictive dialer in call center: a guaranteed
performance booster.

Increase the performance of your call center by 70% with
our SIP predictive dialer.


Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) extends the power of call centers by transforming a web browser into an agent desktop with a phone. This cutting-edge approach helps your agents to make calls directly from the web, without additional software or hardware.

WebRTC ensures excellent call quality, so important for successful telesales negotiations and predictive dialer services. Make calling simple.

Analytical module helps to analyze data

Monitor data from recorded calls, emails and other customer interactions to identify root causes of issues and trends. Measure contact center performance and increase customer satisfaction.Check statistics online in real-time, whether you are in the same office as your agents or thousands of miles away in another city.

Filter successful calls and initiate telemarketing easily. Run retry campaigns. Voiptime Cloud solution goes far beyond the standard Predictive Dialer definition

Efficient calls with SIP number

Calling through SIP is reliable and stable. It is an efficient and cost effective way to reach a large number of clients without huge expenses. In our voip predictive dialer software you can register your own SIP number or buy a new one. Choose a number that belongs to any state or country and increase the credibility of your cold calling programs.

Enjoy high-quality calls with Voiptime cold call selling software and save costs on the efficient online connection. Save phone conversation recordings in client card so you can listen to it or download it.

4 dialing modes to cover various business tasks:


Dials several numbers simultaneously, according to client reach predictions, calculated by the system. One of the most powerful predictive dialers for sale and cold calls.


Dials several numbers at once and routes the answered call to every free agent. It gives full control on dialing rate.


As soon as the user finishes with a contact, the next-best record appears on the screen and the phone number is automatically dialed.


Shows client card before dialing to check interaction history.
Agent can prepare for the call and click on the phone number when ready.

Campaigns within predictive dialer for sales system

Create a campaign of any complexity and intensity to cover various tasks. Monitor the list of existing campaigns with processing status and easily change calling modes with predictive dialer VoIP.

Flexible Scripts in virtual Predictive DialerSOON

Scripts will help to lead a conversation through the right scenario. They will be shown next to the client card in our online predictive dialer and will make your team prepared to answer tough questions and help follow company communication standards.

Close more deals with scripts in Predictive Dialer for small businesses or larger companies.

Time zonesSOON

Our system is designed for customer calls and factors in their time zones. No more worrying over losing leads by causing them inconvenience. Find the best time for communication across different states with our Predictive Dialer with leads.

Quick deployment

Set the system and start calling clients within minutes after signing into Voiptime Cloud predictive software. Save costs with our predictive dialer. No additional IT support, software or hardware needed.

Call from anywhere

Your agents can work from the office or remotely. The best predictive dialer can be accessed online and you can monitor their work through dashboard and reports. All you need is a computer and a headset.

Easy to use

The Voiptime phone system is simple to work with. Your agents have never used predictive dialer for sale that is more intuitive. Сalls are made within one or few clicks, all call data is stored inside the system.

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