How To Drive ROI by Using a Predictive Dialer System

ROI maximizing is possible with the help of a predictive dialer system which uses algorithms (finding the perfect time for calling) and a statistical approach. Today we are going to discuss main features of the Predictive dialer mode.

For sales teams

If your sales team uses an ordinary dialing regime, you lose time on making unsuccessful call attempts or possibly manual customer number dialing. Predictive Dialer is the perfect solution for those who don’t want to miss any chance to sell goods or services by phone. It will separate calls, sort them and will predict when your agents will be available for the next call. Only live calls will be forwarded to your agents. As a result, you will increase productivity by 400% (according to TMCnet research) in comparison tousing manual dialing without the Predictive Dialer solution.


KPI results:

● This mode can increase Right Party Contacts (RPCs) per hour;
● Predictive Dialer can decrease idle time;
● Customer abandonment rates are reduced.

For collectors


Predictive Dialer helps to increase revenue and ease the collection process. The system works with the pre-loaded list of numbers and connects agents with live calls only. All busy calls will be discarded by Predictive Dialer. Thesolution features automated messages for answering machines. Even if the system won’t be able to connect the agent with the debt-holder, it will leave him or her a message. This instant notification can significantly help you deal with the past due invoices and upcoming billing dates.

Try different strategies for all types of callers you are not able to reach (no matter the reason). Predictive Dialer will redial the debt-holder after 5 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours and so on. The new attempt will be based on the last dialing result and will adjust to any changes in the calling process. Don’t worry about the number of attempts. They are limited automatically and can be adjusted depending on the type of collection.


● Higher collection rates;
● Efficiency increase;
● Collection software integration.

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