3 Cold Calling Sample Scripts for Any Situation

Inside sales scripts are a must-have tool for any business, especially in the process of newcomers training. There are some basic elements of the calling script you may use. Today we are going to share with you 3 ways to apply cold calling examples scripts in different situations.

Script #1. Direct sales script

  • Introducing yourself must be at the very beginning of your sample cold calling scripts.
  • Tell the decision maker who you are and what company you are working at.
  • Explain the prospect how you can solve their problems (previously, write the ways of solving problems in your inside sales phone scripts).
  • Ask the prospect about the most convenient time for callback or meeting.
  • Schedule the event in the Client Card or Calendar within your LMS.


The example:

“Hello, this is Ann from FreshFlowers. We help event makers and wedding planners to keep their flower compositions always fresh and available and want to schedule a call and discuss how you could increase the cost of your flower arches. What time next Wednesday are you available for a brief conversation?”

Script #2. Indirect Sales cold calling phone scripts sample

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Tell the person about yourself and your company.
  • Ask who is responsible for the business process.
  • Ask whether the decision maker can talk to you right now.
  • In case the answer is YES ask the decision maker about their pain points.
  • Share valuable information about ways of improvement of these areas.
  • Move forward and try to arrange the meeting.

The example:

“Hello, my name is Alice, I am with PhotoBooth. Have I caught you in the middle of anything? We help event agencies to boost revenue and entertain guests. I don’t know if our service can help your business, so I have a couple of questions.”

Script #3. Objection map

Script writing Voiptime Cloud

In case the answer is NO and the decision maker can’t talk to you right now, you should be ready. The thing that will help with sales is the objection map. This is the list of cold calling pitch samples with possible answers that help to deal with objections, where you can also leave a comment about the cold call in lead generation management system.

For your convenience create the chart. The first column will list typical objections, the second column - scenarios, and the third one will stand for the comments. Such objection map creating is extremely useful if you are working on cold calling script for software sales.  By the way, in Voiptime LMS there is an easy way to save and store comments and notes. Just let us know if you need more examples of cold calling scripts.

Get ready and create cold calling best scripts before dialing to prospects! It will definitely save you in most difficult situations. You always will be armed with right answers. Let us know about your success stories and share your cold call sample with us. Good luck with your hunting.

Check out our article “How to create a sales phone script” for preparing an effective sample of sales script for cold calling that will help to stay confident and reach top results. There we have a close look at five main stages of writing a good inside sales call script with some examples. Stay tuned!


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