Sales Pipeline Management Software

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Advantages of a sales pipeline management system:
Set the schedule for every contact: the number of calls to make, the number of emails to send, and the meetings to settle. Our sales pipeline management tools will help you always be on time when engaging your leads. With Voiptime software, you will never apologize to your leads for missing their call or forgetting about an upcoming meeting. Try the calendar and move the lead to the next stage of the pipeline.
From forms to LMS
The best way to engage leads is to proceed with them no later than the hour after they appeared in your sales pipeline tool. Our web-to-lead functionality can help you do exactly that. Voiptime Cloud allows you to call your leads immediately from the client card or notification, while also allowing you to dial the lead’s phone number manually. There is no chance of forgetting about the call with our reminders.
Every lead is here
Import existing contacts into one system that calls, has a calendar and is easy to adjust. Forget about numerous opened windows, editors, sites, and CMS you are tired of. Structure your leads in accordance with the requirements: create an Excel file with the required fields (name, last name, phone number, phone type, email) and import it into Voiptime Cloud immediately, this is how easy sales pipelines software works!
Your sales process is the way you take your lead from being a new prospect in the system without a defined status to being a permanent customer that regularly purchases your goods.
Every contact is a potential deal. With our sales pipeline tracking tool, you will have all the possible instruments for obtaining as many prospects as you can, and for leading them through the pipeline.
The basic sources of leads are SEO, referrals, advertising, social media, and more. Everything starts with marketing. Each of these sources must be working properly to regularly and flawlessly bring contacts to your CRM. Voiptime Cloud can assist you in that.
Sales pipeline management software & tools - best pipeline management in sales system
Sales pipeline management software & tools - best pipeline management in sales system
What is a sales pipeline?

A sales pipeline consists of the certain sales stages. It starts with a campaign (e.g. cold calling) the aim of which is to establish communication with people who are potentially interested in your product. Then, the contact transforms into a lead, and with the help of a sales representative makes the necessary actions (e.g. read content, reveal interest in services) to become an ‘opportunity’. After potential clients buy, they move into the client stage.

Such pipeline helps you to see at which stage any lead is or to view if some of them require specific attention. This sales management solution especially efficient when sales process is complicated or there are lots of stages involved.

Sales pipeline management for small business helps you to feel more confident and find the bottleneck for further improvement.

How to manage a sales pipeline
The first of several major B2B sales pipeline management software features we provide is to transform your website’s guests into leads with web-to-lead. This service guarantees the renewal of your list of leads on a regular basis. Call your lead as soon as you want and manage your relationship by better understanding the desires and wishes of potential clients. There are five default client statuses in Voiptime sales opportunity pipeline management system: new, open, potential, customer, unqualified. However, you can add statuses depending on your business needs.
When you get this MQLs, you can find out how to attract them. This is the next stage of the sales pipeline prospecting process. If you already have clients and customer database, you can easily import them into Voiptime Cloud in a structured way for pipeline potential management. After a quick procedure, all the contacts you had as ugly ducklings in a clumsy chart will become beautiful swans with client cards assigned to each.
The next stage in the pipeline is qualifying. Your task is to engage the leads. Here we have tips for engaging leads via the sales pipeline tracking tool for different businesses. Create a library of content your lead has read, downloaded, or asked you to create for him. Attach these materials to the client card, giving all your entire team access to all essential data. Add comments about the e-book chapters the client asked about, point out the presentation slides the client mentioned in the dialog, and any other relevant subjects.
Nurture and Sell
Now you need to nurture your leads and create opportunities out of them. This is the stage for aligning propositions. This last stage is dedicated to converting sales. It is time to make a proposal and close the lead. It is easy with sales pipeline management online, which allows you to take care of your leads the right way! As the client moves from one stage to another during the sales pipeline project management, easily change his status at the card or in the list of contacts.
Sales pipeline management software & tools - best pipeline management in sales system
"We had been looking for a sales pipeline management system for the last year and a half. Our reps tried more than 20 different LMSs before deciding to stick with Voiptime company. 35 out of 37 workers gave 10 out 10 points to this system"
Sonya, Brox Constructions, Virginia
Sales pipeline management software & tools - best pipeline management in sales system
"Thanks to Voiptime company, our team increased to 20 agents from 5. We hope to extend the team in autumn with Predictive dialer appearance"
Don, League Media, Connecticut
Sales pipeline management software & tools - best pipeline management in sales system
"We have been on the market for 10 years, with only one month using Voiptime Cloud. This product allowed us to build strong pipeline management in sales. From now on, our agents have the instruments for both making calls and establishing meetings"
Keira, Press Telemarketing, California
Sales pipeline management software & tools - best pipeline management in sales system
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