Cloud Contact Center

How it works

What benefits do you get with
Voiptime Cloud contact center?

We develop the tools that facilitate the groundbreaking achievements of your contact center teams and help them show their best results. The convenient cloud-based Voiptime software is an excellent choice for growing your profits. Our plug-and-play solution is constantly upgrading with innovative features. We combine three dialing modes (Predictive, Power, Preview), built-in CRM, blended call center software capabilities, and more to drastically increase the productivity of your sales & telemarketing departments.

How it works

Voiptime Cloud call center software helps your team show their best results.

  • Create an account
  • Add your teammates
  • Import database
  • Replenish your account
  • Create and launch a campaign

The chosen auto dialer system will do the job while you can just sit back and observe massive profit growth!

Plug-and-play solution

Just register in Voiptime Cloud and you are ready to go. Upload leads into the system instantly and view full communication history with prospects in one place. Assign new leads and tasks, track the workflow, and monitor the performance of your sales.

You can log into the system from anywhere in the world, which is a great benefit for companies looking to hire remote teams. Our call center software solution includes built-in CRM, open API and Webhooks, three dialing modes, objective sales and call reporting, agent monitoring, call recording, and much more.

Why Voiptime Сloud call center software?

How it works

Minimize operating cost

Voiptime Cloud is a fully cloud-based software. It’s a truly cost-effective alternative compared to on-premise call centers. Three different autodialers that were developed to increase the efficiency of your call center help agents reach more clients in less time (both warm and cold). Each dialing mode leads to making more calls with fewer agents. Agents also close more sales using our built-in CRM system. And, our transparent pricing allows for greater flexibility - the more you buy, the less you pay!

How it works

Ensure management and control

Get full control over both remote and in-house teams. Voiptime Cloud provides you with useful workflow-related data: current agent statuses, call recordings, real-time monitoring, and more. Controlled access to projects, smart lead distribution, and seamless two-way integration capabilities ensure a hassle-free workflow. Comprehensive reporting and analytics help businesses allocate resources wisely, monitor the progress of each agent, view the KPIs of each operator, and help them overcome difficulties in sales.

How it works

Minimize business risks

Our software is compliant with the Privacy by Design framework. Likewise, Voiptime Cloud call center solution follows all telemarketing regulations (USA, UK, Canada), preventing your agents from making late night calls and keeping your business from getting into legal trouble. Our stable system guarantees 99.9% uptime, ongoing network monitoring, data protection, and the highest VOIP quality. Also, we are more than just a vendor. After signing a contract, we become your partner and provide you with professional support and technical help.

Make your sales go through the roof
with Voiptime Cloud call center solution!

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