Cloud Contact Center. How it works.

What is special about Voiptime Cloud Contact Center?

Our greatest goal is to facilitate your calls. Voiptime gives you the ability to grow your profits with the help of our convenient services. We have created a ready-to-use cloud-based contact center and are constantly improving it with the cutting-edge research and innovation. We combine LMS, CRM, predictive dialer systems and more for the most efficient call processing possible.

How It Works

You’ll never worry about forgetting your to-do’s again with our business lead management system. Get notifications, call on schedule, and manage your leads. Nurture your clients more effectively with our best lead management system.

The registration process is easy and will take only few minutes. No expensive software, hardware or IT help needed.
We charge on a subscription-based model which makes budgeting easy.

How it works

It is easy to start and continue

You can start working with Voiptime Cloud minutes after registration. Enjoy full email integration and instantly upload your leads to the system easily. See communication history with your prospects (calls, meetings, e-mails) in one place. Track your sales representatives' workflow and successes and assign new leads and tasks.

Log into the system from anywhere with an internet connection and benefit from key advantages of our LMS and Predictive Dialer solutions: open API, sales and call reporting, convenient notifications, WebRTC, and much more.

How it works

Why Voiptime Сloud Lead Management System?

15 minutes is enough for our LMS to work its magic using one of our dialing modes (Preview, Progressive, Predictive) manual calls. Record leads and sort cold and warm contacts with our system. Your team members can gather necessary information, use a script for the best sales, fill in client cards, and more. After the call, you can find detailed statistics on all dialing attempts with updates to the current lead status, as well as download this data for further research.

Open new horizons of sales with our saas call center solution!