Why Cold Calling is Alive and Well

How many years do you think sales people are using the cold calling term? Any guesses? Hundred years? No! Five hundred years? No!

It seems that popularization of this term goes back to the 20th century. The term cold calling have been mentioned in sales trade publications in 1920s. Or even later. It means that cold calling tracking software is pretty old too. So, is it still in the game after all these years? Voiptime knows the answer and it is YES!

There are some reasons for it:

It is honest. People will accept your friendship if you are posting the data, but won’t buy your stuff. Cold calling gives you an immediate answer: yes/no. So, this way to gain leads is more sincere than offering a fake friendship in social media.

It has plenty of tips. Some of them are: the focus should be on the person you are taking too, but not on the product you are selling, put scripts into the trash, try not to overload the lead with data.

It gives you a possibility to impact the first impression you make. Yeap, it is possible only to certain extend, but still. You can’t predict 100% how the potential client will treat your electronic letters or other written messages. But you can read him/her during the call and adjust your speech, manners, mood, and vibes to the person you are talking to.

Cold Calling vs. Social Media

This is the story about rabbit and tortoise. But the moral of the story is not in the fact that steady person wins it all. With cold calling software you are both steady and fast. While others are trying to establishing personal conversation in Facebook, LinkedIn or else, you are proceeding with much more potential leads. Social media could be steady, but are rather slow in comparison with dialing.


Cold Calling vs. Email Marketing

No Email could bring you the key to the person’s vocal cues (unless you got the recorded message attached). Almost the full stack of emotions is feelable on the phone. You can feel if the person you talk to over phone is happy, angry, busy, patient, frustrated, - different emotional conditions. Just listen to your client while making a cold call.


Cold Calling vs. Web chat

With the help of the cold calling software supplier you won’t need to have any agonising experience with complicated widgets. Web chat requires from you to sit and wait till the Internet user initiates the chat or make it yourself. Meanwhile, cold calling gives you the ability to be proactive and the freedom to set up the perfect time for a call. This way you can get prepared and do your best!

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