What is Your Customer Engagement Priority?

With a wide range of customer engagement solutions comes a tough decision of what solution to choose and what steps to make.

What to apply first? What should be integrated next? No matter what sequence you choose, Voiptime will introduce you to two customer engagement ways, popular nowadays: online coupons and web forms.

Online Coupons & Engagement


There are many ways to apply your online coupons for better customer journey:

1. Show it on your site (e.g. banner with the discount offered).
2. Send it via Email (as an attachment or a part of the email letter with the button to apply).
3. Show it in your blog as a popup.
4. Post the coupon on Social media (consider also using social media advertising to show the post to more users).

Here we have a couple of online coupon examples for you:




Web forms & Engagement

Let’s have a look at the chain of successful communication steps between the lead and sales manager. It will look like this:


● The manager finds a prospect
● The salesperson works on the opportunity by calling and/or meeting the lead
● The lead becomes the opportunity
● The lead is reached within any available channel (among those obtained)
● The lead gains status Qualified when the sales manager obtains more data about it
● The sales manager starts to nurture the lead
● The first call is initiated and customer experience starts
● Lead’s contact info is obtained.

But how will you get the lead? One of the ways is to catch it at your website through web forms. If you integrate these forms with the Voiptime Cloud lead management system, information, left by leads, will be uploaded directly into Voiptime Cloud, ready to work with. Here we gathered forms you can use on your site for the excellent customer service:

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