How to Get over the Fear and Cold Call Successfully

Despite the common belief that cold calling is dead, hundreds of thousands of successful companies still use it to drive revenue. Sales reps, in turn, consider cold calls to be a very challenging and intimidating task to complete.

In view of this, for being successful in cold calling as well as overcoming the fear of “first” call, one should develop the right approach to it.

Tips for successful cold calling

In this article, we are going to shed light on 8 effective tips for successful cold calling that will help you to connect with far more prospects.

1.     Prepare script. One of the most essential things while cold calling is to have your conversation prepared beforehand. A properly structured message facilitates answering questions, overcoming objections, and thereby reduces your stuttering over the right words. Check our article about how to write a good inside sales call script.

2.     Dial the right time. Recent research has shown that it is better to connect with prospects early in the morning or late in the afternoon. These are the best times to directly reach decision makers. Besides, studies have proved that Wednesday and Thursday are the best days of the week to cold call as by the middle of the week people have more time to settle their working routine and proceed with the working process.

3.     Use technologies. In order to have more conversations and, thus, more conversion, you have to dial more leads. The efficient time of sales reps who dial manually is very low as some calls are not picked, busy, etc. Therefore, to increase the effectiveness of sales reps and decrease their idle time, autodialer software is of great help. This tool will keep sales reps better organized; they will reach more prospects per hour and eliminate wasted time.

4.     Use different contact strategies. Good sales reps don’t just call a prospect. They use different channels to connect to them: emails, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The more a prospect is familiar with your product or service, the more likely they are to take a call.

5.     Use techniques to pass the gatekeeper. Gatekeepers are your allies, not enemies. Therefore, remember the following tips:

  • Always sound polite and senior. If they believe that you are important, they will treat you differently.
  • Never sell to a gatekeeper. Get them on your side and, with the help of open questions, try to get more information about decision makers.
  • Build a positive and friendly relationship with them, so next time when you call, they will want to help you.

6.     Don’t sell on the first call.  Instead, stay focused on building a trustful and friendly relationship. Besides, pay attention to gathering as much information about a prospect as possible. Later, this information will help you not only to make sure that you sell them what they need, but also you will give prospects all reasons why your product or service is the right choice.

7.     Be ready for objections. Before sales presentations, always try to second-guess all the objections that may occur. As overcoming sales objection is an essential part of any sales process, knowing how to turn “no” into “yes” will open a completely new set of opportunities. Get more tips for overcoming objections in our previous article.

8.     Summarize at the end of the call. Summarizing all agreed points at the end of the conversation will help potential prospects visualize what they will get out of this deal. By repeating key points of what was said, you will not only summarize the main terms, but also make your client feel heard and understood. Don’t forget to follow with your prospects afterwards. A strong follow up is essential for closing deals as it actually leads to establishing long-term relationship with prospects, strengthening the sales process and, thus, making them more likely to become customers.

Summing this up, to become successful in cold calling and take advantage of its amazing benefits, use the above-mentioned tips, practice as much as possible, and hone your selling skills every day. Remember, even though this process is time-consuming, dogged persistence and hard work will undoubtedly turn you into a professional seller.

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