How to Create a Sales Phone Script

Lots of sales representatives believe that sales phone scripts turn agents into robots. If you think the same it means that you are not using script correctly. Well-written telemarketing scripts templates help not only effectively handle various calls interactions but also increase the possibility of sale and transform the average sales agent into a professional.

You will never get a second chance to make a good first impression having about seven to ten seconds to attract prospect’s attention. That is why, in order to continue a call, it is better, with the help of a sales call template, to be prepared beforehand to structure and clarify your message, answer questions, overcome objections and close the deal instead of stuttering over the right words.

5 stages of writing a good inside sales call script:

  1. Introduction
  2. Engagement and presentation
  3. Handling objections
  4. Summarizing and closing the deals


A sales representative’s introduction is critical in determining further proceeding of the call. While writing a sales script template try to sound real like the way you actually speak. Introduce yourself and company, use general opening phrases (for example “Hope your day is going well!”), indicate the reason you are calling and that you are going to be brief.

Engagement and presentation

Engage prospect right away by personalizing a call that is using specific information about them which is known as a trigger event. Do research on your client before making a call at different websites and social media for tracking publicly available information (for example whether your client has won recently a large contract/ funding or their company is going to have a new location, etc.). The more information you gather, the better selling position you have and gain client’s attention in a unique way. The goal of this stage is to understand prospect’s needs and challenges and present how your product/service can be the right solution. In addition, you need to mind next things:Include statistics whenever possible. Numbers always talk better than words.

  • Include statistics whenever possible. Numbers always talk better than words.
  • Use such professional statements like “we specialize in”, “we are known for”, etc. These phrases tell prospects that other clients like and use your product or service and you are a trustful company.
  • Start open-ended questions with “who”, “where”, “when”. This will give your customer more space to
  • Talk less and listen more. There is a rule among sales representatives that one should talk about 30% of the time and listen 70%. Thanks to this you will build trust and make a person feel valued because prospects want to be heard and understood, not sold.If there is not a good time for
  • If there is not a good time for a prospect to talk, try to arrange an appointment at a later time.

Handling objections

While preparing a phone script template, think about all objections that may occur. By having an outline of anticipated problems and a thoughtful analysis of the risks, you can reduce the resistance. There are the following main tips to handle objections:

  • Don’t interrupt a prospective client and let them fully explain themselves.
  • Ask them if there is anything else that hold them back and get customer clarify what may stand in the way of purchasing product/service.
  • After your client identifies objections and you fully understand them, don’t directly answer but isolate and question these objections. For example here is the most common objection that the price is too high. Your answer should be like this “Let’s put the price aside for a moment and make sure that our product/service is really a good fit for your business. So if the price wasn’t an issue, what else would prevent you from buying it? ”. Such technique helps to reveal what is hiding behind the objections and if they are really the only ones.

Summarizing and closing the deals

Summarizing and closing deals is the last and the most essential stage in sales call script. It is very important to sum up the above-mentioned points so that the potential prospect can visualize what they will get out of the deal. Besides, you have to show a prospect that you understand and qualify their needs. By doing this, you not only make sure that you sell them what they need, but also make them feel understood and build a reliable relationship. Give prospects all reasons why your product or service is the right choice for them. You can read in more details about closing deals in our previous article “How to close deals effectively”.

In conclusion, for increasing sales, you need to have an effective script which will help to stay confident and not to get lost in what to say for a certain call situation. Once a script is written, you are not finished yet. You should practice your script, test it during sales calls and modify it over and over again until you achieve maximum productivity and increase sales.

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