4 Cold Calling Tips to Heat Up Your Sales Pipeline

Stephen Hawking once wrote: “The world is really a flat plate on the back of a giant tortoise”. And what kind of tortoise is supporting the cold calling in your company? Today we are going to share few simple but relevant tips, that will immediately raise your calls to the max level.

 Pay attention to time zones

There are 4 time zones in U.S. and it is obvious that you should take them into consideration while applying cold calling techniques. Plan carefully the time of your call and start the dialing process in the first working hours of a decision maker. Let’s say, the business day of a relevant person starts at 10 AM. So, set up a callback in Voiptime Cloud LMS for a half past ten.

 Make a plan of your call

It is not obligatory to make a precise plan and stick to it. There is no need to read it line by line, but you will feel more confident with a lighthouse. The plan will help you not to get lost in the sea of questions, and sales pipeline management for small business is a great tool to do it.

 Try broker lists 

This is an option of getting a list of contacts for cold calling. How does a broker list for sales pipeline management look like? It is a list of contacts or companies you can call in order to set up the meeting or tell about your product. There are some disadvantages of gaining leads this way: 

  • It is expensive
  • It is not up-to-date
  • It can contain unneeded info

 Let’s create a new list!

You can omit the broker lists usage by creating your own list of warm contacts. For B2B there are following sales pipeline management tips:

  • Assign the person to create the list of businesses and enterprises you’d like to contact
  • Write down contact information of company representatives you’d like to write or call
  • Find these people in LinkedIn and add additional facts 
  • Choose the channel for establishing the contact. This step doesn’t require calling but doesn’t exclude it
  • Create scripts or email templates for the further call.

And what cold calling tips do you use? You are welcome to share them with us in Facebook.

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