Businesses are Plugging into the Cloud Contact Center - Will Yours?

All businesses can be divided into two categories: ones that use cloud computing technologies for their call centers, and ones that do not.

Let’s talk about those that do not use it first. They might not use SaaS-based cloud solution because it does not suit their needs, or they might not use it because they are uninformed.

You do not need a cloud solution if:

You don’t want the advantages of online freedom. The modes and channels of communication with the client change and develop constantly. You need to use all modern instruments in order to keep business growing. Ignoring cloud solutions means cutting your income. That’s not what you want to accomplish. The Cloud enables you not only to answer or initiate calls, but also to write emails, send text messages, talk to your clients in web-chat, use IVR and to reach your prospects in many other modern ways. Stay on top!

Low quality of VoIP Calls is OK for you. The best VoIP network is set up without voice transmission delay. No static or delay should affect your communication with the client. Cloud-based contact centers are more progressive in speech transmission and more flexible. If you don’t want your data to be delivered with a delay, use the safe and high-quality Cloud.

You don’t care about efficiency and cost reduction. The call center based on CPE (customer premises equipment) will always require additional expenditures on software: setup while moving into the new building, increasing/decreasing the number of users/agents, adding some services etc. The Cloud solution helps to avoid these setup and maintenance problems and to engage remote operators. The cloud contact center that your organization works with should have a reliable supplier that offers support and maintenance for a price that is fair.

Voiptime Cloud offers an online solution for Contact Centers with excellent speech transmission quality that makes the process more flexible and helps to cut expenses. This solution suits many businesses; let’s take a closer look at them.



One of the most important things about cloud contact center for travelling is flexibility. Holidays are a hot time for agents in travel agencies because of seasonal peaks. Your company may need additional hands to cope with the increased quantity of calls. Cloud gives you an opportunity to add agents quickly, even before the start of the next month. Therefore, you can quickly engage as many agents as you want.

If you have staff in different parts of the country, nothing can be more convenient than the cloud. It helps establish a quick and safe communication between agents within the system. Your employees can easily pass a call to the proper office or coworker. All members of your team, no matter the size, have the ability to use the cloud solution remotely. Good internal communication helps you to save costs.

Non-profit organizations

There are more than 1.5 million non-profit organizations in the USA, according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS). There are different types of them:

• organizations that provide free training or workshops, public charities (1.1 million);
• community or corporate foundations, distributing funding to public charities (100,000);
• social advocacy, professional, and trade organizations (300,000).

Non-profit organizations accept calls and messages from various channels (multi-channel). Cloud contact center enables your agents and managers to process donations, gather donation information, edit data and keep up with other responsibilities. Cloud lead management and call center solutions work for companies with limited budgets, providing 24/7 coverage of inbound calls, and reducing average handle time.

Other advantages of online solution vs premise-based systems:

Increase ROI - You can reach it by reporting in real time. Analytics help to work with clients, donors and volunteers more effectively and efficiently.
Flexibility - You can change the quantity of agents operating immediately. You don’t need to wait until the next month according to the contract. Databases can be customized at any moment.
Increase donor contributions - Predictive dialer allows you to increase your call rate.



We all know how important assistance is when you just start your project. It is good to know that you can rely on somebody who is always ready to help. That’s why cloud solution is perfect for new businesses. The professional team will help to set your call center and to operate it efficiently.

Startups value such services of SaaS-based cloud solution as control of calls quality. It enables you to get the updated reporting, to listen to the conversation between agent and client, the ability to penetrate the conversation and help the operator in communication. It helps to make sure your call center agents provide best communication service possible.

Cloud call center solution for a startup is usually the all-in-one solution. It means that you don’t need to employ additional IT staff; all maintenance and updates are done by contact center solution providers available for your 24/7.

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