The Best Cold Calling Techniques

In the selling process, cold calling is known as the early stage. In easy words, cold calling is the first call that you can make to the customer. In the present age, it is also referred to calling the person face to face without any business appointment. Cold calling is also called telephone canvassing, canvassing, prospecting and door to door selling.

In the selling process, cold calling is an important technique. Using the right cold calls techniques can help you deal with different types of situations and improve your communication skills. Good cold calling has the capability to change your prospects into loyal customers.

It would not be wrong to say that cold calling is a form service. You have to be open, professional and meaningful while making the cold calls with art. You use the technique to approach customers so you can sell your products and reasonable proposition.

All the best leaders and entrepreneurs have the ability of cold calling that makes them successful. Remember that cold calling is always focused on action and initiative. Before we share, the best cold calling techniques with you here are a few things that you need to understand about cold calls.

How we see cold calling

A few years ago selling became a recognized profession. It led to the introduction of many effective cold call tips formulated by sales training organizations, writers, sale gurus and sales people. Remember that there is no magic script to help you master the cold calling. It allows about the right methodologies and framework that you have to follow. For success, all you need is:

• Effective tips for cold calling;

• Believe in yourself;

• Consider rejection as your motivation.

Whether you consider it a positive or negative technique, cold calling is the game of numbers. Either you will get a positive response from all the customers or you get a few responses. This is the reason why unsuccessful sales person considers it a negative technique. For some people, it might be depressing but if you take it as a challenge, it would be easy to gain the attention of your prospects. Positive cold calling is potent and empowering. Cold calling will enable you to:

• Be an entrepreneur;

• Supersede the existing suppliers;

• Establish long term relationships and respect beyond your responsibilities;

• The competition will pre-empt;

• Your personal reputation will improve beyond your grade and job title;

• It will help you create different business opportunities;

• You can create new business by taking the right actions.

With the help of cold calling, you can have the entrepreneurial success and reputation that will take you on the road to success. Keep in mind that cold calling is how you will perceive and what you want from it.

Potential of cold calling

It would be worth your time if you want to experiment with different aspects of cold calling because it would increase the chances of personal and business success. The common question that people ask is what the potential of cold calling is.

• You will be positioned in a pivotal crucial role where you will be the controller, translator, and interpreter;

• It will help you to build strong networks and so you will be able to open many new doors for your business;

• Cold calling will empower you to determine and define your future and you will gain a complete control over your services and products.

With the help of cold calling, you can get rid of the unhelpful expectations and patterns. This technique will help you to plan the future of the organization and determine the way where you will be taking your company. The situations that you have to face during cold calling are made yourself.

You are the owner of everything and you will be able to define and resolve every situation, as you want. The people who are successful in cold calling are the most powerful and independent people you will ever come across.

You can create a new virtual business with your cold calling capabilities within the project or the company. You will feel like the organization belongs to you. It is often applied in business to a business system with unlimited opportunities.

It would not be wrong to say that cold calling is the life of every business. It is an organized activity without, which your business will never succeed. Even the owners of most successful organizations have used the cold calling techniques at some point. In order to develop and build something new, it is important that someone use the cold calling skills to instigate the change and make customers buy the products.

With the help of cold calling, you can dictate what is going to happen and with whom regarding the activity of the organization. Even if you consider it a poor marketing strategy, it will provide you the following advantages:

• With only cold calling, you can create and be a business yourself;

• It helps you to make the things happen and take action;

• There are many business activities that need the support of cold calling to be started;

• People who know the tricks of cold calling are successful in all fields and they will easily get the appointment;

• You will not have to depend on things and people because cold calling is self-sufficient.

Change your perspective for successful cold calling

When you have properly understood the method of cold calling and how it happens you will get the idea of the reason it is considered most important in the business. Instead of looking at cold calling from the perspective of customer or sales person, it is the time that you consider it as an amazing opportunity.



Sales people perspective

Customers perspective

Successful cold calling

  • Unhappy

  • Confusing

  • Fearful

  • Unpleasant

  • Boring

  • Pressurized

  • Rejections

  • Unimaginative

  • Thankless

  • Unproductive

  • Confrontational

  • Demoralizing

  • Numbers game

  • Repetitive

  • Disrespectful

  • Nuisance

  • Indiscriminate

  • Unwanted

  • Unprepared

  • Tricky

  • Pressurizing

  • Shifty

  • Reject cold callers

  • Dishonest

  • Shady

  • Insulting

  • Contrived

  • Patronizing

  • Honest

  • Helpful

  • Straightforward

  • Different

  • Thoughtful

  • Innovative

  • Prepared

  • Efficient

  • Professional

  • Respectful

  • Up-beat

  • Opportunity

  • Cost-saving

  • Informative

  • Advantage

  • Reliable



Cold calling techniques that really work

Here we have the list of cold calling tips that will help you reach your goals:

1-Focus on goals

Beginners have the misconception that cold calling means you have to sell the products. In reality, all you need is the chance to sell the items. With cold calling, all you have to do is get the appointment of your prospect to make a pitch.

2-Conduct proper research

When you are cold calling, it is important that you target the right audience that is dealing with the issues only your product can resolve. Once you have found the target market, it is essential that you know as much as possible about the person that you are planning to call.

In this way, you will get an upper hand because you will directly talk about their requirements. It has been shown in studies that in an organization with 100 to 150 employees, you will be able to make seven people buy your products. So to save your time, you must know you are targeting the right person.

3-Use social media contacts

It has been noticed that if the person you are planning to call has the same LinkedIn group like yours, you will have better chances of selling the products.

4-An opening statement is your key to success

Before calling it is important that you organize your thoughts and decide on a professional opening statement. It will help you to avoid common mistakes so the person you are calling will not terminate the conversation.

Never ask the questions like how you are today or is it the right time to talk. Use your opening statement as a framework to give your conversation a positive start.

5-The contents of opening statement

Here are some of the important things that must be present in your cold calling opening statement:

• A professional greeting;

• Introduction of the business;

• Reference point;

• How your products can solve their issues;

• Transition to dialogue or questions.

It is essential that you keep your tone very professional and polite. To get the attention of the customer, you should not sound desperate or rude as it will leave a negative impression.

6-Pay attention to your own cold calling script

The script should be simple and easy to understand. Include all the benefits and the reasons that make your product perfect for the prospect. Mention all the possible objections that the client might make and your answers so you will not get confused.

When you do not have the script, you might forget to deliver some of the important points. There is no need to read the script word-to-word. It is important that you are as natural as possible. Preparing the script gives you the confidence you need. You can create it in the form of checklist to help you out.

It has been reported by 58% of the customers that sales reps were unable to answer their questions.

7-Never follow the cold calling scripts of others

Once you notice that the prospect is interested in your products, it is the time that you ask questions about his requirements, budget, and business. The customers will give you this information only if you promise to give them some benefits.

The best way to get the answers you have is to ask your prospects the following questions:

• "What would be the 3 biggest problems you are facing in your organizations that you want to be quickly eliminated?"

• "What would be the ideal situation that you want to create regarding your business?"

• "To discuss the needs of your business and to help you understand how my products can resolve the problems of your organization, I would like to schedule a meeting. Is 3 PM on Tuesday morning fine with you?"

Keep in mind that the cold calling and sales should always be kept personal. All you need to do is target the requirements of your customers or their business regarding your products.

It will help you to build a strong relationship with your clients. When you use the cold calling scripts made by others, it would give an unprofessional impression and you might make some mistakes.

8-Ask for the appointment at the right time

When you are scheduling the meeting never ask can I meet you? Always say that would 11 PM on Thursday be perfect. It will give your customer the idea that you are serious about the meeting and they will have no other choice but to accept.

9-Consider gatekeeper as your allies and not foes

When you are calling directly on the number of the company, you will never know who picks up the call. It can be a guard, receptionist or secretary of your client. You should develop strategies that will help you to get the gatekeeper on your side. Keep your tone polite and you can easily get the information that you want.

You will know the best time to call or who the right person to contact is and if you are, lucky enough the gatekeeper might give you their personal numbers. Learn the names of the keepers and be friendly with them.

10-Send unique promotional items to the prospects

In order to break the ice and increase your brand awareness, the best solution is to send promotional gifts to your prospects. You can send the crazy little item of $2 and when you will call the prospect will recognize you and it would be easy to get their attention and time.


It has been proved by studies that 80% of the sales are made after the 5th all and so you have to keep trying. The biggest mistake that sales people make is that they give up after the 2nd call. You have to be patient and persistent in order to sell your products

Do not forget to practice as it will enhance your communication skills and your confidence will increase. Consider cold calling as a fun practice and with the passage of time, you will get good at it. There are many people who would love to do business with you but it is important that you let them know you and your business exists.

Know the best time for cold calling

The afternoons on weekdays are the best for cold calling and with analysis, it has been proved that the best duration for cold calls is 5 minutes. You will get the best response from 3 pm to 5 pm on Tuesday and Thursday.

Get your foot into the door using the trigger events

It is important that you contact the customers as soon as they have signed the contract with your company. It is essential that you are aware of the time when they will possibly visit the market in search for new vendors. It will provide you the chance to call when they are most interested.

You will be amazed to know that the secret of perfect timing for cold calling is not a secret anymore. These opportunities are known as the trigger events. You have to keep an eye on the publically available information or use the online services to know the following things:

1. Behavioral indicators

2. New Executive hiring

3. Funding

4. Winning large contracts

5. Funding

6. Mergers and acquisitions

All these are the opportunities that will help you to gain the attention of your customers.

Tips to turn cold calling into booked meetings

Here we have a few tips that will help you to schedule the meetings with your prospects without wasting any time.

1-Leave a good impression

For the perfect first impression, you should say talking with instead of speaking to. You must understand that the person you are calling the one you are planning to change into your customer. The method you would use to verify their identity will leave your impression, so you have to make it right.

When you use the phrase talking with implies that you will be engaging in a positive conversation with your prospect. On the other hand, when you say speaking to, it delivers a one-way action and it means that you will only leave a message whether they are ready to talk to you or not.

2-Apply the best friend formulae

In order to overcome the objections, the best friend formulae will be your best solution. It will help you to give the best response to your customers when they say that you can email me the information about the business.

You might find it tempting to share the information but keep in mind that the prospect will ignore the emails. So the best way is to deliver the information through the call. Keep your message short and sweet so they will not feel like you are wasting their time. Ensure that your message is not going into the black hole. Give them the information so they can make a decision and you will get the meeting.

Bottom line

Keep in mind that asks is your magic word that you can use to get the attention of your prospect. When you are cold calling it is important that you keep all your fears aside so that your prospect will never get the idea that you are confused or afraid of making the call.

However, possessing a good sales skills and choosing right techniques is only a half way to success. If you want not only to increase the quality of call calls but also their amount as well as forget about manual dialing and, thus, save time, then you definitely need a dialer software. This tool will automate dialing process and significantly increase live connection.

You have to make your customers believe in you and that is only possible with cold calling. Let them know that there will always be a reason for which customers will love your products so they should not lose this opportunity. While cold calling you have to be genuine and honest with your prospect as it will help you to build a strong relationship and do not forget to answer all their questions.

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