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Automatic dialer system is intended to dial your base of telephone numbers automatically and spend no extra time on manual dialing.

Auto dialer system

There are two models of autodialer action when the person is reached: 1) play pre-recorded message or 2) connect the person to an agent by applying the appropriate dialing mode.

Voice Broadcasting

As for the first one the voice message is also called robocalling. Internet auto dialer system allows you to download the needed quantity of personalized messages and choose them for different campaigns. CRM with auto dialer is the best option because it helps to use some fields from it (for example, the First Name) into your message. It makes your robocalling personalized.

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The next part of your pre-recorded message is audio file or text-to-speech. There are numerous services that can create such messages for you in needed format. Or you can create a voice file and then convert it into needed format (e.g. wav.). Choose the corresponded voice messages for your campaigns or assign to specific agents.

These messages contain the instruction for pressing buttons on keypad to make some actions (for instance, to make the order). This is IVR (interactive voice response) which is perfect for different spheres:

  • Political (apply auto dialer service to reach the potential voters and ask them to react on your campaign by answering survey questions).
  • B2C sales (auto dialers for sale teams are perfect to provide clients with the data about their delivery and the current location of the purchase).
  • Financial (this approach will also assist with collecting debts because it helps to resolve payment issues over the phone).
  • Educational (notify members of educational establishments about any emergencies).
  • Governmental (notify citizens of the need to pay fines).

There are other spheres and situations in which you’ll need auto dialing software: notify guests about event details and provide them with instructions and details (requirements, date, location) or give them an opportunity to find out the information about any event changes.

Predictive and Power Dialer

Call Center Team with Headset

The connection of the call with the agent is initiated by appropriate outbound dialing mode in the internet auto dialer software. It could be either Predictive Dialer or Power Dialer. As for the Predictive Dialer, it can predict the time when the agent will end a call and bring him a new call; at the exact minute the agent presses the button End the call or the lead hangs up. So, the waiting time, when the client waits for the agent to be connected with is minimum. The advantages of this approach are:

  • Constantly busy agents.
  • Agents work on most complicated cases filtered by IVR.
  • Neverending analysis of the call base.
  • The system connects the agent only to live clients according to the analysis.

As for Power mode, it waits for the agent to finish the current call and after that starts to dial the next number. This type of dialing mode is capable to detect live clients too. The above mentioned services (in particular Power Dialer, automatic message dialer) allow you build work with client more effectively and facilitate your KPIs.

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