5 Reasons Cold Calling Still Works

Cold calling is all about persistence, personal connection and training skills. It is the way to create a list of warm contacts and to get more business.

Some people say that cold calling is a history, but we don’t agree. Here are 5 reasons why it is still topical.

Voice Is a Voice

People still want to talk to real agents. They may try communicating through web-chats with bots and so on, but are still more human-oriented. It is important to keep in mind main cold calling goal: contact establishment. Phone conversation can provide you with an immediate feedback: if the client is interested or not. Whom will you share your thoughts more likely with: an IVR or a real agent? What is quicker and easier: to go through a long chain of actions or to simply tell: Yes, I’m in.

Good Start For Something Big

Cold calling sets the ground for further outbound activities. After several cold calling campaigns you will have a contact pool for sales calls (31%):


Outbound cold center may be also used for:

● Warm leads calling
● Cross-selling
● Surveys and other

If Other Ways of Approaching Customers Don’t Work for You

Yeap, there are plenty of other ways to get your potential customers: free books, colorful blog, splendid speeches at conferences, articles etc. But they may not work for you. The reason might be simple: you are not a blogger; you don’t have the spare time for writing books and moving from conference to conference… You should focus on your business and do it. You can hire a contractor to do cold calling for you. Delegate some obligations and concentrate on the warm client database, loyal and prepared to be bedazzled.

It Works For Your Business

There are some businesses for which cold calling software works great. Here they are:

● Website optimization and SEO
● Risk management (Insurance)
● E-commerce agencies
● Properties management (Estate)
● Startup companies

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Cold Calling Trains Your Reps

Cold calling programs require focusing, concentration and readiness to customer challenges. It helps to sharpen skills of your reps. While using the best cold calling program they do not have to waste time on manual dialing and can devote all efforts to convincing potential buyers and creating a perfect message for them. The ability to quickly make the simple, intriguing, and valuable message - that’s what stands out your reps from other agents using different channels of lead attraction (social media, email marketing etc).

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