3 Strategies for Training Contact Center Agents

Training is a key factor in building the contact center agent’s knowledge. Agents should know CRM and client card, phone etiquette and how to focus on solving the client’s problems.

Moreover, modern agents must be familiar with multi-channel solutions and constantly train. Today we will share key strategies for better training and facilitating the effectiveness of your company.


Modern contact center solutions offer communication through multiple channels. This brings new challenges: supervisors should have the capability of assigning tasks according to the agents’ skills. It is not enough to create teams to handle Inbound and Outbound calls. There should be teams for chatting, emailing, and working with social media requests. That’s why it is very important for the training department to develop cross-training programs to teach agents to cope with various communication channels.

The main point of this strategy is to teach multiple skills, enabling agents to be able to deal with a variety of calls. As a result, employees will be interchangeable. This is especially valuable for contact centers with task capacity imbalance, when some agents work more than others. However, be careful, because in multitasking contact centers, service levels might slightly drop down. If this KPI is a bit flawed, the call center may suffer from excessive congestion.



Pros and cons of call center with multitasking agents:


● Task range expansion

● Higher motivation

● Improvement of capacity utilization

● Increased production flexibility


● Training costs

● Variability can hurt the performance

● Excessive turnover adds stress: mental overload

Positive Success Stories

Contact center agents are trained on how to properly behave at work: keep calm, do not read the script word by word, do not contact the supervisor needlessly, etc. Experienced agents sometimes tell unsuccessful stories about their colleagues who couldn’t stop making mistakes: She said that she was unable to answer client’s question and no one has seen her since. But isn’t it better to tell good call center stories with a happy ending? Yes, it definitely is.

So, gather positive experiences and successes of contact center operators and share them at meetings. Play recordings of best calls of the week or month. It is not necessary to give the agent an award for it, but the attention and applause will inspire your staff. Just imagine how training contact center agents will work after such motivation.


Organize or Reorganize Training Department

Ensure that your training department staff is professional and enthusiastic. Training managers should apply productive training practices and pay attention to the basics: greetings, customer care, apologizing for the hold, staying focused etc. You can add your own positive training tactics as well. For instance, try utilizing online training tools.

Other ways to improve the training process:

1. Assign the newcomer to the experienced agent
2. Invite mentors and experts to participate in training sessions
3. Create a knowledge data base for the employees.
4. Find relevant YouTube videos for continuing education and training.

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