Dialer for call center

Dialer for call center that is your perfect solution to optimize leads generation and sales conversion

You don't need an external SIP phone like X-lite or 3CX , and neither you need to worry about the search and connecting of SIP number. You can use our WEBRTC phone as well as purchase our phone number and make calls according to the following tariffs:

USA flagUSA - $0.011 per min.
Dialer for call centerUK - $0.031 per min.
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A sales agent with average resources will be going through much hassle every day. They have to keep a pool of customer leads, gather their data, keep it in a secure place, and follow up the leads too. However, with limited resources, they don’t have time to collect a large number of quality leads, gather sufficient data, or store it in one location safely. With so much going on at a single time, they miss calls from the clients and following up each one turns out to be hard. As a result, the entire working process is disorganized, thus diminishing the performance and productivity.

What your sales agents need is the Sales Dialer, a simple call dialer that eliminates all the frustration that comes with the job. The cloud based dialer Voiptimecloud not only allows saving all client information safely over a single platform, but also simplifies the very process of making calls. Each client’s information is stored as a card while the sales agent has to just open it and click on the call button. The software requires registering a SIP number to place the calls to the clients. You can either buy SIP number via our service or use your own.

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Call Tracking

Call tracking is an amazing tool for the sales function. Firstly, this software works on a pay per call, pay per minute or pay per lead model allowing you to track calls based on advertising, SEO or electronic marketing. Secondly, it also provides additional analytical information regarding different calls. The Sales Dialer is similar software. Featuring a great combination of dialer and cloud, the Sales Dialer offers strong analytical benefits to the sales team.

Sales Dialer will help identify the marketing source of the call, the number of the caller and their geographical location, call recording, and time distribution of incoming calls. Since it comes with a cloud management, all the information tracked can be stored on the client card inside Sales Dialer Voiptimecloud. This allows the user to access the database whenever they require. It also eliminates the hassle of finding different information about a client when it is urgently needed. This great combination of features allows you to store all the client cards in one place saving lots of precious time.

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Call Back

One of the most frustrating aspects of sales agent’s job is losing a quality lead. You have missed a call means you have missed an opportunity to make a sale. In the tough business environment of today, even missing out on one potential customer lead can be disastrous. Today, every call matters.

Your business needs simple yet powerful features of the Sales Dialer. The Sales Dialer is an online dialer with a cloud that allows you to keep track of all your clients and potential leads on a single platform. The platform ensures you never miss out on another lead again. Even if you have missed a certain call, you will definitely receive a notification so that you can call back whenever you have the time.

Dialer for call center
Call Record

The sales team can benefit from as much client information as possible. Previous call conversations can be a great way to have deep insights into what the potential caller may be interested in. Without proper cloud software, sales agents will be inclined to save such information in unreliable places or even forget about saving it. This poses real difficulty when they need to access such details in case the caller makes contact again.

The solution lies with the amazing Sales Dialer. The online software features an effective management that not only maintains comprehensive client cards with a call dialer in a single platform but records calls as well. Whenever the sales agent contacts a certain potential customer or vice versa, they no longer have to worry about manually taking down notes or missing out on important information. Switching in the call record feature, the call will be automatically recorded and saved to the particular client card.

Dialer for call center
How to make dails using Voiptimecloud
What is Dialer for call center?

Dialer for call center Voiptimecloud is sales automation software. It is the key to optimizing your sales function. From finding quality leads to following them up, the entire system will be streamlined. To enhance the performance and productivity of your sales agents, you need to install Dialer for call center into your business. Get access to simple yet highly beneficial features like call back and call recording. The online platform of Dialer for call center allows you to organize client information in one place, call clients whenever needed, nurture your sales function with missed call notifications and call backs, and improve the overall sales operation.

Dialer for call center is a simple phone dialer that effectively saves your time and money. With highly organized client data, sales agents no longer have to waste their time and energy looking for information they need. Instead of saving data in unreliable locations, they get to save it in client cards at a single platform. With the optimized Dialer for call center Voiptimecloud, you save money by gathering quality leads and never missing out on calls.